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Are you looking for the best Houston TX emergency dentist near me? Gentle Dental Care is your Houston, TX emergency dentist for cracked and broken teeth. If you are looking for an emergency dentist, you may be in a serious situation and if so, please contact our hotline to get the attention you need. However, if you are simply trying to find the right dental care for any future problems and accidents. It’s totally understandable for you to be cautious because the teeth are incredibly powerful and deserve to get the attention they need to stay healthy.

There are plenty of possible traumatic incidents that can happen which would merit an emergency response. For instance, a ruptured cyst or an impacted tooth can create serious pain and potentially life-threatening circumstances. Yet, there are also situations where you can be in a pinch that isn’t as serious and still get orthodontic care.

This can also regard any lost tooth or a chipped tooth. People are missing teeth for all kinds of different reasons. It’s not necessarily fatal, but it is troublesome. Even one missing tooth can diminish your confidence and distract you from feeling happy and smiling freely. We have plenty of other available services though, but the intention for all of them is to improve your oral health in a fast and efficient manner.

Wisdom Teeth

As we mentioned earlier, the types of circumstances that would demand an emergency dental treatment would regard accidents surrounding wisdom teeth. They are very sensitive teeth, as they are traditionally teeth that have been removed regularly for their volatility. It’s not easy to determine how these particular teeth will grow because of how long they take to take form. The problem with them is that they can grow at incorrect angles.

Impacted teeth are very painful and it’s important to get services from a Houston emergency dentist to remove them as fast as possible

Whenever these molars break the skin, they will be painful and for adults, it can happen at later periods in their maturing process. They tend to react with pain and fear because it is so deep in the gum. The sheer pain that is experienced over time can be enough to render someone unable to work or enjoy their day.

This is a relatively moderate scenario, as impacted wisdom teeth present a far greater challenge. When a wisdom tooth “impacts” another tooth, it grinds against the tooth and triggers the nerves that create lots of pain. Let our emergency care take care of this by performing the oral surgery that is needed to get the tooth out of the mouth. It will be far more beneficial once you have the tooth removed.

Watch Out For Sepsis

The dangers of septicemia, also known as Sepsis, is a common and serious condition. It is the body’s response to infections and when they occur in the mouth the reaction can be especially severe. This is a result of the infection spreading further than a remote location. When it goes beyond that area, it can cause unparalleled issues for people. They can get very sick and potentially die within days if the sepsis is not reversed.

If you ever start to feel feverish and have difficulty breathing, you should be mindful of any oral conditions you have. In that case, these symptoms could potentially be the chemical response triggered by your body. If you are unsure or perhaps have suspicions, please contact us immediately or come into our location to get service.

Implants Are Available, Too

There are other situations that can merit emergency care. The cases that require new teeth may be very serious. Whether it was the result of an accident or some type of disease, implants are absolutely necessary and can be performed when under emergency circumstances. A dental implant is essentially a prosthetic tooth that can sustain the functionality of your chewing and eating processes. However, they are usually more important in emergency cases.

Get the implants that will help your smile return to its fullest!

When patients face the possibility of losing a lot of teeth, it can be very traumatic. They can potentially suffer major mental and physical repercussions from this. This is why we aim to make as fast of an operation as possible. Our procedure will be quick and concise to ensure that you are safe and your visual image is intact.

To begin the procedure, Gentle Dental will select implants made from materials such as titanium. Prosthetics must be of high quality to stand up to the stress that we put on our teeth. First, the dentist will evaluate if the existing structures can support such a device. Next, Gentle Dental will install the implant on the bone. A small incision is made in the gum to allow the insertion of the implant. Finally, the gums will be put back together. Gentle Dental makes the process as easy as possible for patients.

Get Rid of the Stains on your Teeth Forever

Keeping your teeth white is harder than it sounds. Think about everything that you put in your mouth. Coffee, wine, and even smoking will have the ability to put hard stains on your teeth. Even proper maintenance will sometimes fail you. Teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the natural color of your teeth.

A dentist will utilize a tray whitening system. This is a two-step process. We will make an impression of your teeth. With this impression, Gentle Dental will craft you custom whitening trays that can be used over and over. As a result, a whiter smile of 4-8 shades!

At the end of the day, we want to provide you the most beautiful teeth possible!

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