Dentist Office Near me 77354

There are many benefits to finding a great Dentist Office Near me 77354 to perform all of your necessary dental work. Not only is Gentle Dental Care in Magnolia nearby, but we also eliminate your need to travel elsewhere. We offer several different dental services, from general dentistry to periodontic work and more. Even if you relocate, we’re sure to be near your new home or job. That’s because we have seven locations throughout Harris County. You choose us as your dentist’s office once, and you’re set for as long as you remain in the Houston area. Below, we’ll explain a few benefits of choosing a nearby dental office.

While other dental offices may attempt to compete in terms of price or other special features, we know they aren’t a match. At Gentle Dental Care, we are both comprehensive and affordable! You don’t have to forego one to get the other. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer dental financing as an alternative. You can get dental work done at Gentle Dental Care without having to worry too much about what it’s going to cost you.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, Gentle Dental Care can help you start over. We live by our namesake. Thanks to updated modern technology and dental practices, our services are nearly painless. Furthermore, we know that there’s more to high-quality dental care than the procedure itself. We aim to make sure our patients and their families feel comfortable in our dental office. Our staff is trained to provide you with a positive dental experience. Plus, we have staff that speaks both English and Spanish, so language isn’t a barrier at Gentle Dental Care.

Dentist Office Near me 77354

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Benefits of a Dentist Office Near me 77354

If you’re specifically looking for a dental office near me, you’re probably primarily thinking about time and convenience. The closer your dental office is to your home, the less traffic you have to drive through, and the less fuel you burn. However, that convenience has other benefits that you may not have even noticed.

Emergency 24-hour Dental Care

It’s nice to have a dental office you can trust nearby in case you’re having a dental emergency. You might have an injury or accident and lose a tooth. Also, if you have a sore or wound in your mouth, you’ll probably need the assistance of a dentist. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until business hours to seek treatment. Also, you don’t have to travel far and wide trying to find open dentistry that can reinsert your lost tooth. All you have to do is call Gentle Dental Care and well take care of your dental emergency.

Time can save a lot of money and in some cases, even your life. As a Gentle Dental Care patient, you won’t have to second-guess our treatment or wonder if you’re making the best split-second decision. You’ll already know that you can trust us and we can get started with helping you right away.

You May Have Heard of Us

It can be hard to get a recommendation you can trust from online reviewers. Isn’t it great when a friend or family member whose opinion you trust makes a recommendation? If you’re in the Magnolia area, you’ve probably heard of Gentle Dental Care. Your child’s friends might be a part of the Gentle Dental Care family. With a little bit of asking around, you’re sure to hear good things about us. If you’re new to the area or have friends who don’t visit the dentist’s office, you could become the new go-to person. When someone needs a dentist, you’ll know which dental office to suggest!

Dentist Office Near me 77354

We offer emergency dental care at most locations!

Gentle Dental Care Services

As we stated above, we offer a huge selection of dental services. Our services are available to people of all ages, making us the perfect dentistry for families. Furthermore, if you believe you need specialty dental work but don’t want to waste time seeking referrals and searching for individual doctors, you need Gentle Dental Care. Our services include preventative care, orthodontics, cosmetic work, oral surgery, pediatric services, and periodontic work.

General Dentistry

At Gentle Dental Care, we perform the most popular dental procedures. We have dental hygienists to professionally clean teeth and gums and give them a good “restart” every six months. Additionally, we perform root canals for patients with low pain tolerances. Our other general services include crowns, for people who need to protect a weak or damaged tooth, and even dentures.


Sometimes, people who want braces have to travel outside of their normal dentistry. Not at Gentle Dental Care! We offer many different types of braces. Furthermore, we provide TMJ therapy solutions and night guards for individuals who struggle with teeth grinding.

Cosmetic and Restorative Procedures

If you want to change the appearance of your teeth though they don’t have any negative impact on your health, we can help. We offer two teeth whitening solutions, and both are quick and cause very little sensation. Additionally, we repair cracks, chipped teeth, and even gaps through various methods. Whether you prefer bonding, bridges, dentures, dental implants, or veneers, rest assured that Gentle Dental can provide all of these services and more. If you want to alter your smile in any way but aren’t sure what work needs to be done, we’ll explore all of your options.

Dentist Office Near me 77354

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Pediatric, Surgery, Periodontic, and More

As mentioned above, our list of services doesn’t end with general and cosmetic services. If children need dental work, they’ll love our fast and gentle procedures. No matter what dental services you or your family members need, it can be done at our clinic. Furthermore, we make ourselves available to you at all hours with our emergency on-call dentist. If you need any assistance, call us at (281) 252-0055. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, just call us or schedule your preferred time online. We’ve been helping Houston area families and community members for more than 20 years and can’t wait to meet you at our Dentist Office Near me 77354!

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