Emergency Dentist Near Me Magnolia TX

Emergency Dentist Near Me Magnolia TX

Are you looking for, “emergency dentist near me Magnolia TX?” If you need a Magnolia Emergency Dentist for tooth or gum repair, you don’t have time to spare. That’s why you need Gentle Care. We can provide emergency dental services right away if you need assistance. We also routinely offer many services in our office. This means that you won’t have to search for another doctor to perform your emergency dental procedure. Whatever needs to be done to ensure your oral health, we’re confident that we can serve your needs. Call us right away if you have a sudden need for our services. We’ll tell you what to do next to increase your chances of a successful operation.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Magnolia TX

Pain? Call our Emergency Dentist

Skip The Emergency Room

Doctors in the ER won’t be able to help you with your dental emergency. In fact, they may even tell you that you need to visit a dentist. So, don’t waste time sitting in the emergency room. Instead, give Gentle Dental Care a call. We’re the best suited to help you if your emergency involved your mouth, teeth, or gums. Coming straight to our dentistry saves you both time and money. And when you’re having a real emergency, both are invaluable.

When You Need A Magnolia Emergency Dentist

A dental emergency is any sudden or extremely painful experience you’re having with your teeth or gums. In many cases, the issue arose unexpectedly. In other cases, you may have had an issue earlier, but it wasn’t yet severe. In either case, as soon as you realize you’ve got a serious matter on your hands, give us a call.

One prime example of a dental emergency includes a missing tooth. Your tooth may have suddenly fallen out after normal activity, such as chewing food. Alternatively, you may get hit in the mouth or have a bad fall and lose your tooth. Fortunately, if you take the right steps, we can save your tooth. Try to find and preserve the tooth. Don’t wash off any of the flesh or root still on the tooth. This tissue will be vital in preserving the tooth and increasing the chances of successful reinsertion. Put the tooth in a clean jar or bowl, or possibly a glass of milk. Then drive straight to Gentle Dental Care. We’ll get you seen right away and see what we can do.

What Happens Next?

Fortunately, even if we don’t get to your tooth in time, we still have other options. That’s why it’s “better late than never” when it comes to visiting the dentist for an emergency. First, we’ll make sure that the rest of your mouth is safe and healthy. If there’s an underlying issue that caused you to lose your teeth, we’ll address it. Then, we can discuss ways to replace your missing tooth. We can install a dental implant that looks just like a real, perfect tooth. Or we can install a sturdy bridge.

If your tooth was only cracked or chipped, we have several options to restore your smile. Though a crack may not seem like an emergency, it definitely classifies as such. A cracked or broken tooth can cause you a lot of pain. Furthermore, it can cause serious nerve damage. Fortunately, we have many solutions for this. We can bond the tooth to repair the crack. Similarly, we can apply veneers or lumineers to restore the beauty of your smile. In addition to covering up the damage, these methods protect your teeth from future issues.

Emergency or No?

Just like a cracked tooth might not seem like an emergency but actually is, a chipped tooth can feel like an emergency but actually isn’t. Remain calm and inspect your chipped tooth. Are any nerves exposed? Do you feel pain from the tooth itself? If neither is the case, you very likely don’t have an emergency. While we still recommend that you give us a call to see what we can do for you, you have the option to do so at your convenience. This gives you greater flexibility in regards to when you decide to schedule your appointment.

If you want to repair a chipped tooth, we can employ many of the same solutions that we would if your tooth was cracked or broken. We can restore your tooth to its former glory. Alternatively, we can replace the tooth completely. The great thing about Gentle Dental is that we offer many services, so you get to choose the dental work that you want to be done! Of course, we’ll make sure that the procedure you request is safe and will give the results that you want. We’ll also make sure that you’re aware of all of the maintenance requirements before you elect to a certain procedure.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Magnolia TX

We’ll get you back to smiling again!

Call Us For Service!

Another great benefit of Gentle Dental Care is that you don’t have to worry about to pay for your emergency dental service. We accept most dental insurance plans. Furthermore, we provide many financing options for families without insurance or sufficient coverage. Financial concern is never a reason to sacrifice your health and safety. We’ll find a solution that can keep you well, and that means staying within your budget.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait until you have no other choice to call us for service. In addition to emergency care, we offer many preventative services as well. The best time to schedule an appointment is before you don’t have a choice. We offer routine dental cleanings, crowns, root canals, and much, much more. Click here to learn more about all of our services.

Call us at (281) 252-0055 to schedule an appointment, or do so online. However, if you need a Magnolia emergency dentist for tooth and gum repair, you really should just call us or stop by! Call us now and never have to search, “emergency dentist near me Magnolia TX” again.

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