Magnolia TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Do you need a new Magnolia TX kids dentist near me? Perhaps your child has missed a few dental appointments in the past and you’re worried about their oral health. You know that dental health is as important as physical health but you haven’t gotten around to going to a local dentist. Gentle Dental has 7 offices in Houston, so we’re sure to be near your job or your child’s school.

On the other hand, maybe just haven’t been able to afford dental services because you didn’t have dental insurance. However, you don’t have to let that stop you. We offer dental financing to help you pay for your child’s dentist visits to our office. In our dental office, we believe that later is better than never. We’ll examine and care for your child’s teeth with only a small out-of-pocket expense to you on the day of service. We offer a range of dental services and whatever your child needs, we have the tools to do it. We won’t let anything get in the way of maintaining your child’s healthy smile.

Kids Dental Problems To Look Out For

Cavities. Cavities are holes in the teeth. Formally known as tooth decay, cavities are caused by many factors. Typically, when bacteria and food stick to your teeth for a long time, there is a risk that cavities will form on the teeth. Molars are especially vulnerable to developing cavities because it is harder to deeply clean cavities and remove particles from the jagged grooves.

Misaligned Teeth. Teeth that grow in behind one another or at a slant is caused by a variety of behaviors. One of the most common reasons for misaligned teeth in children is thumb-sucking. When a child sucks his thumb, he persistently pushes his teeth forward. Not only do the teeth shift, but the permanent teeth will also grow in angled in that same direction. Another cause of misaligned teeth is lip pulling/sucking, which has the opposite effect of thumb-sucking. Also, pay attention to whether your child is tongue thrusting, which when a child swallows food by closing his mouth with his tongue.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Younger children are at risk of baby bottle tooth decay, which is when sugars from liquids, usually from a baby bottle, sit in the baby’s mouth. Liquids may still be on your baby’s teeth if he or she fell asleep with the bottle in their mouth, for example. We recommend that you do not give your infant a bottle while they are falling asleep. Alternatively, give them a bottle of water when they go to bed. However, bear in mind that too much water is bad for small children, so don’t fill the bottle. Also, remove the bottle from their mouth as soon as you notice they are sleeping. Baby bottle tooth decay can cause infection and gum disease in very young children.

Magnolia TX Kids Dentist Near Me

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Kids Dental Issue Prevention

Healthy diet. Because cavities and other dental issues can be caused by food and drinks sitting on the teeth, diet changes can affect oral health. To prevent cavities, make sure your child brushes with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice per day, drinks enough water, and limits sugar, sticky foods. For example, drinking a sufficient amount of water per day, especially after and in-between meals, can flush out food. Also, try to get your child to eat fewer sticky and sugary foods because they tend to cling to the teeth. Soda and other acidic food and drinks can damage teeth if they are consumed too often, so try to limit those as well.

Correct Brushing Habits. While a healthy diet can partially prevent issues, it’s how your child brushes that really matters. Make sure that food that tends to stick to the teeth, such as caramel, honey, or peanut butter, is completely cleaned from the tooth. The sooner the child brushes after eating, the better. You can even have your child brush their teeth after each meal, though twice per day should be frequent enough. Use a fluoride toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association and remind your child not to swallow the toothpaste.

Magnolia TX Kids Dentist Near Me

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How Kids Dentist Near Me Dental Services Treat These Issues

It’s important to remember that you might feed your child the right foods and teach them proper brushing and flossing technique and they can still develop cavities. Bacteria repopulate in our mouths every day. With time, plaque forms, no matter how much or little your child consumes. You must supplement your own practice with the services of a dentist in order to ensure that your child has the best dental health.

Sealants. At Gentle Dental, we can place sealants on your children’s teeth. Sealants prevent cavities by shielding your child’s teeth from the food and sugars that they eat. Instead of sitting on your kid’s teeth, the bacteria sit on the sealants until the next time your child brushes their teeth. Unable to penetrate the sealant, the food and bacteria are essentially harmless. Sealants last up to ten years and can protect your child’s teeth throughout their entire childhood.

Crowns. If a tooth has decayed dramatically, we may need to place a crown over it. A crown protects the weakened tooth from further damage. Our crowns match the color of teeth and are indistinguishable to the human eye. However, we usually require 2-3 appointments for crown installation. Therefore, if your child needs a crown, we recommend that you visit Gentle Dental as soon as possible.

Magnolia TX Kids Dentist Near Me

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Gentle Dental Magnolia TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Every six months, bring your child to Gentle Dental for teeth cleaning or dental checkup. Even if your brushes twice per day and has sealants, they should have their teeth cleaned by a professional. Though sealants protect the teeth, your child’s gums are still exposed. Plaque nuzzles between the gum and the bottom of the tooth and with time blends in with the teeth. Even flossing or brushing won’t remove this plaque. You’ll need a dental hygienist with specialized tools to take care of it.  Call us at (281) 252-0055 to schedule an appointment or dental exam. Alternatively, you can book an appointment using our online reservation system. When you need a Magnolia TX kids dentist near me, bring your child to Gentle Dental.

Fun Facts About Magnolia TX

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