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Are you looking for a Conroe family dentist near me? We are going to be able to offer you all of the dental services that you might be in need of. To give you a better idea, we have broken down our services into a list of branches. Each region can help with adults and children and we specify how in each section. If you find that you are still in need of aid or any further consultation, visit here. We hope we can help with whatever you may need!

Family care is right down the corner!

General Dentistry

This is going to be one of the most common services you will receive from our clinic. We can help all ages with this dental care and it will provide your children with the same benefits. Additionally, we also have the ability to perform sealants for children through this branch of dentistry. This will be our alternative to some of the original procedures offered to the adults.

The solution is not permanent as a result. However, that is on purpose. The reason for that is that the filling or the crown will be the most expensive option, so a sealant is going to be a much cheaper alternative. The same advantage can be achieved by the sealant, so why would you spend more money on something that is just going to fall out anyway. This can protect your teeth from a number of problems like stains and cavities. When you have a sealant over your tooth, these simple issues are prevented. The dressing agents are great options if the teeth of your child are damaged.

We will much rather recommend the use of a sealant instead of a normal crown or filling but when it comes to adults, we can provide all of the normal cleaning routines that you might imagine. Whether it is for a cavity or more, we can fill it and take care of it for a much more permanent length of time. This treatment is not dependent upon the loss of your infant’s teeth.


You will want to be certain that you have all of the different areas of the mouth checked. This regards the location of the teeth, and also the way you are biting or holding your mouth. We can help adults and kids too. Even if your child is unable to get braces, it doesn’t mean that an orthodontist cannot offer help to them. We can provide aid to all ages of the family!

One of these specialists can help with many issues of your teeth and their relocation. They can help you to change the angle of your biting to avoid overbites or underbites. This is going to be the earliest level of cosmetic care that you can offer your children as well. Their mouth movement is going to help shape their profile in the future as well.

houston tx night guards

We have mouth guards and night guards to make our clients feel at ease

The crowding of your infant’s teeth is another issue for children. This is not a permanent problem because they are the teeth of infants and, naturally, they will fall out in time. However, it is certainly a matter of inconvenience. It can cause your children a lot of pain in the meantime. Instead of waiting until their adult teeth are present, we can provide treatment for them.

Often, the problems your baby teeth cause can cause long-term problems you want to avoid. This can be helped by mouth guards. They will help space your teeth out temporarily and keep a normal spread of your jaw so you are not biting unnaturally.

However keep in mind that this only regards the children, we are able to provide braces and other spacers for older clients as well. They will have the ability to get Invisalign options or choices like ClearCorrect, which will serve as alternatives to braces if you didn’t want to have the metal wiring placed into your mouth.


This is going to be a very important field. It will be available to all ages as well. This is due to the fact that your gums deserve to get the best treatment possible. They can receive damage or decay from the disease at any age. In order to stay on top of your gum health and know-how to take care of them, a periodontist will be very beneficial.

If you have issues with your jaw or your gums, it can be difficult to chew or even use your teeth. You should watch for this when your gums are compromised. Some gum diseases will force your teeth to fall out. Children are going to be susceptible just like adults. The gums and the jaw that lays inside them are potentially vulnerable.

This will be a periodontist’s goal as their occupation is studying the properties of your gums, and preserving their health and safety. A Periodontist will be able to help the entire family if need be so please feel free to get an appointment set up!

Oral Surgery

These sorts of operations are going to be happening for adults all of the time. Whether they need a dental implant or their wisdom teeth were taken out. For cosmetic, functional and health reasons we can offer you the ability to make surgical changes in your mouth. If you are suffering from severe periodontal or some type of infection we can help.

This is dependent on whether they have a condition requiring the removal of any parts in the mouth. That will range from teeth, gums, and bones and so on. Make sure that you give us a solid background; it is important that all of the information for you is provided. No matter how old you are, you do not want to risk any kind of time or resources. We can take care of you as much as you need. Gentle Dental can deal with a lot of these issues continuously if need be.

Our dentists in Conroe TX want to provide excellent oral health and a healthy smile!

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Getting a Conroe family dentist near me is essential when you move into a new area. You are going to want to have access to your dentist at all times of the year. Who knows what sort of emergency or wide-reaching issue you might need help with. The basis is to provide comprehensive care for all ages so you can bring your family to our location.

We want our clients to feel comfortable taking children and their significant others to get our services, too. That’s the goal of Gentle Dental, after all. If you’re looking to get an appointment set up, check out our website and schedule it with us! We hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Conroe was incorporated as a city in 1904.
  2. The first city hall was established in 1920.
  3. Conroe has numerous parks and forests for nature lovers to enjoy!
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