Montgomery Emergency Dentist

Are you looking for a Montgomery emergency dentist to have on call in case of an unexpected accident? Gentle Dental’s dentists are available around the clock to deal with dental emergencies. We have seven locations throughout the greater Houston area, and most of our locations have emergency dental services. That means that even if you aren’t near our Montgomery emergency dentist office when your crisis occurs, you can still count on us to help.

Gentle Dental has been in the teeth-saving business for over twenty years. We have seen a lot of accidents and injuries, unfortunately. However, that also means that we have the experience to treat them. Plus, you can be confident that a dental office named Gentle Dental Care can offer solutions that involve very little to no additional pain. Your dental emergency is probably already going to be painful enough. The last thing you need is for a dentist to add to it. We have the state of the art tools and methods to minimize pain, prevent infection, and speed up recovery. Keep our dental office number in your phone in case you or a loved one has a dental issue and needs assistance after hours.

Montgomery Emergency Dentist

We have Emergency Care AND Day Appointments!

How Do You Know If You Need a Montgomery Emergency Dentist?

From pediatric to general dentistry, we provide every service you need for your dental care. There are a few instances in which you should call us immediately to deal with your emergency dental issues. Problems such as:

  • Unbearable pain, especially if the pain keeps you from eating or drinking.
  • A tooth that has been forcefully knocked out.
  • A cracked or broken tooth (not chipped).
  • An open sore, especially if leaking fluid such as pus or blood.
  • Significant bleeding in the mouth.
  • An extremely loose tooth, on the verge of falling out.

In these cases, remember that time is not on your side. For example, we can’t re-implant your knocked-out tooth two days later. Instead, you’ll need a dental implant. Likewise, an infection that festers in your mouth can make you seriously ill. You need an emergency dentist to deal with these issues quickly, right after you notice them. Putting off a dental visit because it’s late at night or you’re afraid of the cost can have negative long-term consequences on your health.

The biggest factor when it comes to determining whether something is a dental emergency is how much time would you have to rectify the situation before you experienced long-term consequences. For example, a swollen gum might not feel like a big deal today. However, an infection can keep you from going to work, sleeping comfortably, or even eating. On the other hand, a chipped tooth isn’t an emergency. Even if you never visited a dentist (which we don’t recommend!), you’re likely to not experience any health issues due to your chipped tooth.

Montgomery Emergency Dentist

Call our emergency dentistry if you have intense tooth pain. You may need a root canal.

What To Do Before Your Montgomery Emergency Dentist Visit?

There are certain actions that you can take to preserve your tooth or health. In the best-case scenario, you can save your tooth, and we can reinsert or readjust it. At the very least, following some simple steps can prevent you from further harming yourself.

If your tooth has been knocked out, retrieve it by picking it up by the crown. It is vital that you do not touch the root of the tooth. If your tooth is knocked out by force, the tooth will likely have tissue around the root. You can rinse off the tooth under a gentle stream of room-temperature water, but do not scrub or brush the tooth. Place the tooth in a clean, empty container or a glass of milk.

If your tooth is loose and has not fallen out yet, you can clamp your mouth shut to keep the tooth in place. Be sure to hold the tooth inside your mouth at the appropriate angle so that you don’t force it to push out at the root.

If you experience extreme pain or sensitivity, we’ll ask you to describe how you feel when you call. For example, are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot foods? If your mouth is sensitive to cold, you can hold warm water in your mouth. On the other hand, for heat sensitivity, lukewarm water may help. However, be sure to give us a call before you fill your mouth with water!

There is really no way to treat or stall the progression of gum infection at home. Call us immediately, and we’ll have a doctor drain and treat the infection.

Montgomery Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dental Care Montgomery TX

Call our Office If You Need a Montgomery Emergency Dentist

No matter what your emergency, we can care for your teeth and gums at Gentle Dental. We are the most comprehensive dental office in the area. Many emergency procedures are the same services we offer during the day, but with higher stakes. You want to go to an emergency dentist with experience. We also work with children, making us the go-to dentist for pediatric dental emergencies. Even if your child falls and knocks out a baby tooth, call us or make an appointment for a check-up soon after. Dental emergencies and mishaps can have unseen consequences.

For those concerned by the potential cost of calling an emergency dentist, Gentle Dental has you covered. We accept insurance plans from most of the major dental insurance providers in the country, including Delta Dental, Assurant, and more. For those in need of dental care who do not have insurance, we offer dental financing. Our financing option allows you the flexibility of receiving dental care while not blowing through all of your savings in one go.

Our dental office is family owned and operated. Keeping families safe and healthy is important to us. Our emergency dental service helps you keep your family safe. Physical injuries and unforeseen accidents can be scary, but you might night have to say goodbye to that tooth forever. The sooner you call us, the better chance we have at saving your tooth or gums. If by chance, you need restorative service or false teeth, you won’t have to search for another dentist. We provide molding and implantation service in the same office that deals with emergency cases. Call us at (936) 447-3000 or save our number for later. If you would rather make an appointment, you can do so on our website. We are the Montgomery emergency dentist you need when the unexpected happens.

Montgomery TX Fun Facts

  • Montgomery has four lovely parks!
  • The Texas State Flag was created right here in Montgomery TX!
  • You guessed it—Montgomery is named after the county in Alabama.
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