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Gentle Dental is your Conroe TX local dentist who has years of experience in dental work. We do our best to provide you with the highest quality dental health our center can provide. When you think “visiting the dentist,” it can be a chore. However, it doesn’t have to be. Gentle Dental Care does excellent work fast and efficiently. We even accept multiple forms of dental insurance. Meet our friendly team to see how we can aid you with services such as dental implants, root canals, and gum disease. Our patients deserve the best care possible. We don’t falter when it comes to your dental services.

Trusted Oral Surgery Procedures

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Our dental team excels in getting you results you’ll be happy with for years. Our dental implants, for example, restores your natural smile for those who have missing teeth. By using a prosthetic tooth, we’re able to replace the missing gaps with a high-quality, durable replacement. This method works as a d permanent solution for those who have lost teeth and wish to fill the gap with lasting results. After all, we’re not perfect. Sometimes there are circumstances in our lives we can’t control. Luckily, Gentle Dental Care is here to solve some of your life issues where your oral health is concerned.

We also perform teeth whitening procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is an essential aspect of our practice. Hence, we provide veneers, Lumineers, standard teeth, whitening, and ZOOM! Though other dental centers offer to whiten your teeth, we pay attention to detail. For example, our regular teeth whitening comes has two steps. First, we make an impression of your teeth. With the impression we can make your custom whitening trays, you’ll be able to use repeatedly to get the whitening you want. Plus, the results will make your smile four to eight times whiter.

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If you want excellent dental care, come to our dental office. We’re able to do extractions for root canals and wisdom teeth. Endodontics is a dental specialty that involves the nerves. These nerves under your teeth can become infected. Symptoms such as soreness may occur along with questionable odor from biofilm or bacteria. Fortunately, we’re able to get to the root of the situation and resolve the issue. With our service, we ensure you’ll have a virtually painless procedure. When we initiate the root canal, we make sure your under local anesthetics.

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After we make sure your tooth numbs, we take a drill to create an opening into the canal. Once this process completes, we remove the infected tissue. The method is a cost-effective solution compared to other tooth extractions. You’ll have an aesthetically appealing result in return, as well. Patient comfort is one of our primary tools to use when performing dentistry. If the patient isn’t comfortable, we can’t do our job correctly. Therefore, our primary concerns are your comfort, security, and health. We give nothing less than our one-hundred percent focus once we operate.

We also do extractions for issues such as wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth can cause multiple problems for your teeth alignment. For example, when they are growing in, they can push teeth forward or out of their original setting. This process can result in a crooked smile or misalignment. Gentle Dental Care can make the removal of your wisdom teeth painless with anesthesia. Once under anesthesia, we’ll be able to pull your wisdom tooth out. You’ll be relieved once you know the issue causing a chain effect within your mouth is finally out. We’re able to provide you with optimal service, adequate time, and a pain-free visit.

Other Dental Services

We also do periodontic services. Our treatments consist of treatments for diseases and screenings for cancer. When you neglect to take care of your teeth, issues arise. By simply not brushing your teeth, plaque occurs. When plaque builds up, it hardens into tartar. With enough tartar buildup, Gingivitis forms on your teeth. If left untreated, Gingivitis forms into Periodontitis that obliterates the tissue surrounding your teeth. Routine checkups and brushing are crucial for you to maintain healthy teeth. If your oral health ever did get to this level, we’re able to implement non-surgical treatments.

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Make sure you take care of your dental hygiene

These treatments involve gum graft surgery, which repairs receding gums eroded by Gingivital decay. Scaling and root planing are also treatments we implement. We carefully clean the root of the tooth to clear out plaque buildup and tartar. Also, we follow up with antimicrobial medications and antibiotics. However, our treatments vary from person to person. If you happen to have this type of disease, we recommend to call us today at (936) 447-3000. We’ll aid you in restoring your mouth to its original look. Moreover, we also have Arestin to fight the infection where it starts.

Periodontal disease is America’s number one cause of tooth loss in adults. If you’re looking for antibiotic treatment, Arestin is a helpful medicine. If you fight infection before it becomes serious, though, you’ll be able to avoid a great visit to the dentist. Frequent connections to periodontal disease include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and possibly preterm low birth-weight babies. Therefore, regular maintenance of your oral hygiene is crucial to living a healthy and long life. Let Gentle Dental Care perform your regular checkups so that you can live your life with one less worry. After all, your oral hygiene connects to your diet. If you’d like to enjoy the food you have, maintenance is crucial.

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If you’d like to come by to visit, you can locate us at 16145 TX-105 West Suite 400. Gentle Dental Care is here for all of your dental services. We are the premier dental office in areas such as Houston (Copperfield), Katy, Magnolia, North Katy, Spring, and Klein. We are the premier dental practice that can take care of your family’s oral hygiene. Schedule an appointment today and visit our site for more information. Choose Gentle Dental Care as your Conroe TX Local Dentist.

Conroe TX Fun Facts

  • Conroe, TX is 22,000 acres!
  • The city first settled in the early 1800s.
  • Our city hall was established in 1920.
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