December 13, 2019

Snore Guards Fit for You

At Gentle Dental Care, we focus on providing the best products and services for your mouth. To achieve this, we incorporate healthy methods to make your mouth efficient and clean. Whether you suffer from snoring or any other form of sleep apnea, our snore guards help you control your airway and give you a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to symptoms like snoring, they affect your partner more than they do you. The reason is that it causes external effects such as noise that disrupts the stillness of sleep. No matter what kind of symptoms you are experiencing, we find the best solution for your sleep apnea and give you and your partner the rest you deserve. Call us today to find out how we can help you now.

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Say Good Night to Your Sleep Apnea

Gentle Dental Care brings you the best results for all of our procedures and products. When we meet you for your free appointment, we discuss your options for a snore guard. During the first meeting, we take an impression of your teeth and send it to our labs to be manufactured. Given a week or two, you’ll receive a call from us to inform you that your guard is ready. Your second meeting with us will be to see how they fit. If they don’t feel right, we’ll have them redo it and try again.

Once the guard fits properly, you’re ready to enjoy your night guard the same day. These snore guards give your mouth more room to breath and prevent snoring. This means quiet nights and healthy airflow from your mouth. Every night guard is customized to fit individual patients’ mouths. Our custom-fit guards are tailored to minimize blockage and maximize comfort. With these guards, you’ll see feel the difference between a grumpy morning and a restful night.

Aside from our snore guards, Gentle Dental Care focuses on periodontal maintenance as well. From gum disease, occlusal adjustments, and biopsies, we’ll do everything you need for your gums. With frequent checkups and maintenance, you can keep oral cancer and other gum diseases out of your mouth.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Spring TX

Our night guards maintain a healthy airflow

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Gentle Dental Care focuses its efforts on providing the best dental care in the greater Houston area. Our offices are open to help you achieve the best mouth you can have. Call (281) 353-6300 or find us online for more information. Don’t wait, and let’s bring you the best snore guard.