Tooth Ache Can Lead To Fatal Illness

Fatal Illness & Sepsis

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the nature of toothaches. The main goal was to describe what kind of symptoms and causes were behind these aches and what you should do when you go to a dentist. This is the basic information that should give you exactly what you need to be prepared for a toothache. However, there are other situations that can be more dangerous. When we described all of the symptoms that you might experience and the causes, it essentially was based on the root of the tooth being infected. In today’s post though, we will explain how infection can go further than a toothache, and eventually cause sepsis. Our goal is to give you the best insight on sepsis and what to do to prevent it. This can be a fatal result of a toothache so you must be cautious and take initiative now!

What Is Sepsis?

To put it simply, Sepsis is an extreme reaction from your immune system. Your body acts to counter the severe infection you’re suffering from. When an infection becomes overblown and spreads to other parts of the body via the bloodstream, the body reacts. Usually, the normal result is a release of chemicals by the body to fight off the infection. When the infection becomes widespread, it will force your immune system to release an imbalanced amount of chemicals into the body to fight it off. When released in such high doses, these very same chemicals can be toxic to the body. It can cause a series of very destabilizing effects such as chills from a fall in temperature, trouble with breathing, mental impairment. Additionally, it can cause skin discoloration and even unconsciousness. If someone goes into septic shock, the result can be even more severe and it has been stated to be extremely lethal.

This Can Be Prevented Easily!

These symptoms can seem very daunting and life-threatening. Yet, they are not as likely to occur in the mouth if you maintain a good oral regiment. Sepsis is the result of an infection which has spiraled out of control. If you can manage your hygiene and your immune system is able to keep up good protection for them. Make sure to visit the dentist when you can and to brush regularly. Protect your teeth when you can because these situations are treatable. A toothache can be a very simple fix that doesn’t require critical medical attention. However, we want you to be informed no matter what. Make sure you’re staying on top of your toothache!

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If you happen to have had a toothache for an extended period of time, you should definitely come to the dentist to get a cleaning. It is imperative that you have your mouth and ache checked and cleared of infection. We want to ensure that you are in good hands and that your small conditions do not lead to even more threatening consequences. Please and come see Gentle Dental today if you feel this describes you. Toothache can lead to fatal illness if left untreated so we want to help you get rid of it as fast as possible!


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