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Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

Night Guard

When you learn about the Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard, you’ll wonder how you could’ve gone so long without them. There are several reasons people wear night guards. The most common reason is to protect their teeth from getting worn out due to constant grinding or clenching. This is actually a condition called bruxism. Some other reasons for wearing night guards include reduction of jaw pain, to stop your jaw from clicking and popping, to prevent lockjaw, or to properly perform TMJ therapy. Regardless of the reason, wearing a night-guard is a proactive way of keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard
Benefits of a Night Guard

The Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

One of the reasons people wear night guards is because they are comfortable, practical, and lightweight. Additionally, a dentist will usually design your guard specifically for your teeth. As a result, you will reduce the stress placed on your jaw’s muscles and joints. This will result in less wear and tear, ensuring that your teeth are well protected.

Another reason to wear teeth guards is the prevention of tooth damage. Some people suffer from unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw. This can lead to chipped teeth, damaged fillings, and wear on teeth and the enamel. A teeth guard will protect your comfort and the quality of your smile. Additionally, guards can help improve your sleep patterns. This is the result of the guard positioning your jaw in a way that facilitates muscle relaxation, which can help avoid the stress of sleeping with TMD.

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Prevent oral health problems by wearing a Night Guard

One of the favorite reasons for people to wear guards is how it prevents snoring. Although not as threatening as other conditions, snoring can pose a sleeping issue with you and your partner. A teeth guard will create a small space between the jaws. As a result, you will have more air intake, which will allow you to breathe better. Above all, guard for your teeth can help you in many ways. To learn more about Gentle Dental’s services, including guard designing, call us at (281) 855-1100 or click here. Moreover, you can also learn more about theĀ Benefits of Wearing a Night GuardĀ by visiting one of our clinics.

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