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Different ways to make teeth cleaning fun for children

Teeth Cleaning

All of us probably remember whining and complaining when we were little once our parents told us it was time to brush your teeth. As a kid, we view teeth brushing as an annoyance and not something that can be fun. If you have a child that is reluctant to brush their teeth, maybe it’s time to explore different ways to make it fun for them. Like anything else, with a little effort and some research, you can make the most boring tasks exciting for children.

If you are ready to make the daily chore of teeth brushing a less heinous task for your child, explore some of the options below that are surefire ways to get your child brushing their teeth without hassle.

effective teeth brushing
Learn to make brushing fun for your kids!

Let them pick out their toothbrush.

I’m sure you remember the excitement you had as a kid when your parent(s) would let you pick out your own stuff at the store. Allowing your child to pick out their own toothbrush is an easy way to get them involved. Moreover, letting them pick their own toothbrush wil get them excited to use it every night. If you’re buying them the same old lifeless adult blue toothbrush, there’s no fun in that.

There are so many different designs and characters for them to choose from. This is such an easy way to get them involved and interested in the process of brushing their teeth. Even better, there are lots of yummy and cool toothpaste for them to choose from as well. Bubblegum is often a favorite!

Invest in tooth tunes

If you haven’t heard of tooth tunes, now you have. Toothtunes is a toothbrush that plays music while you brush. Your child can choose from different characters that sing different songs based on their character. This is a fun way to get your child excited and involved as well. Who wouldn’t want to dance and sing while brushing their teeth? It’ll pass the time and end the night in a fun way for your child. With so many options to choose from, there’s no way your child will fuss about teeth brushing now.

Brush your teeth with them!

The last option, which is quite effective, would be to brush your teeth with your children. Though most kids go to bed earlier than their parents, this is a great way to set an example for them and get yourself involved too. Children are mostly little mimes and are likely to mimic what their parents do. If they see you brushing your teeth, they will be more inclined to brush their own.

Don’t just stand there staring at the mirror, either. Dance around a bit and make it fun for both of you. Getting involved with your child is easy and will let them know that brushing teeth isn’t such a big deal. Furthermore, it is a great way to bond with them at the end of the day.

Gentle Dental Clinic

Finally, we encourage you to bring your child to Gentle Dental for regular cleaning and checkups. Oral health is just as important as anything else. Preventing the formation of cavities at a young age is essential to maintaining strong teeth and gums!

Call us today at (281) 855-1100 to schedule a cleaning for your child!

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