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Effects of Not Brushing Your Teeth


The Effects of Not Brushing Your Teeth are very serious and long-lasting. Most people don’t take the chance of experiencing the effects and have brushed their teeth, habitually their entire lives. The consensus among dentists around the world is that at least two brushing sessions a day are ideal. Apart from the aesthetic benefits that come with brushing teeth, there are also some great health perks to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Effects of Not Brushing Your Teeth
Effects of Not Brushing Your Teeth

Here Are Some of the Effects of Not Brushing Your Teeth

If you were wondering what type of effects would come from not brushing your teeth, we have made a shortlist of some of the most common effects. Remember, there are many other effects to not brushing your teeth, we just can’t fit them all on this page.

Halitosis (Bad Breath)- One of the main reasons why people brush teeth daily is to ward off halitosis, or bad breath. Brushing your teeth removes the food particles in your mouth after a meal. Brushing twice will prevent the bad smell that comes after saliva cleans up the leftovers. This will keep your breath fresh and clean.

Tooth Decay – Plaque and tartar work in unison in order to eat away at your teeth and gums. This, in turn, allows other nastier bacteria to access deeper areas of your gums. Teeth that are in contact with tartar or long periods of time will weaken and decay over time, which could lead to cavities and tooth loss.

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Make sure to take the steps to prevent gum disease

Bacteria – Neglecting to brush your teeth twice a day will allow bacteria to live and thrive in your mouth. This is much more than just a distasteful prospect, but it also leads to plaque build-up along your gums and in between your teeth.

Above all, brushing your teeth twice a day is the foundation of good dental hygiene. In addition, you should also visit your dentist twice a year. Gentle Dental Care has the best dentists around, so check out our services by clicking here. Furthermore, you can learn more about the Effects of Brushing Your Teeth by calling (281) 855-1100 and setting up an appointment.

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