Getting Started With Gentle Dental

Posted on May 17, 2019 by Gentle Dental Care Team

Gentle Dental

If you are looking for a general dental practitioner, you can stop here. Gentle Dental prides ourselves on our great dental care for everything from whitening to oral surgery. if you are in need of dental care, we can be here for you during this time. However, before anything, we need to get you started.

Gentle Dental is the best dental practitioner in your area. Whatever the issue is, we can never fail you when it comes to your smile. Ask us about our services and stop by our office!

Getting Started With Gentle Dental

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Let’s get you started.

In order to receive proper dental care, you need to get started with our patient forms and set an appointment. In the case that you are ready to start, this process will be very easy. All you need to do is complete these first two steps.

New Patient Forms

For your convenience, we have provided our patient forms online for you to print and fill out. This way, the work can already be done by the time you arrive at our office. To view and download these forms, visit this link. Once you are finished writing out your answers, you will need to bring this form along for your appointment with us. This way, we can keep a record of everything.

Setting an Appointment

Are you ready to set up an appointment with us? We have multiple locations spread out throughout Texas, where we would be more than happy to help you. To get started, visit this link. You will be able to select a location and begin the appointment-making process. Once this is finished, someone will be in contact with you to ensure the appointment is made.

Contact Us

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Gentle Dental should be your first choice for a general dentistry provider.

If you would like to contact our Houston office, call (281) 855-1100. To set an appointment with us, visit this link and follow the instructions. We will be more than happy to see you and get you ready for your next dental appointment. Now you can get started on Getting Started With Gentle Dental.

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