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Finding the most Houston TX affordable dentistry can be challenging without knowing enough about the options. We know that choosing your oral hygienist is a vital decision. At Gentle Dental Care, we make it a point to give you all of the information we can. That way, you can make an informed decision regarding your dental healthcare provider. For affordable dental care, contact us now for a free appointment.

Our dental services include everything from general dentistry to oral surgery, root canals, and much more for men and women alike. We work with several dental insurance companies to provide high-quality dental procedures. Other, more costly dental clinics treat dental health care as nothing more than a business. At Gentle Dental Care, we focus on providing the best oral health service for patients across Houston.

Our Houston office is open from Monday to Saturday and offers a variety of services. Our services include cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal maintenance, and so much more. Make your first choice the right choice with Gentle Dental Care. Our team of nurses and physicians are eager to help you be comfortable with your smile, and that all starts when you call us. So don’t hesitate and get Houston’s premier dentists working on your teeth today.

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Houston TX Affordable Dentistry

Houston TX Affordable Dentistry You can Trust

Gentle Dental Care focuses on quality oral hygiene and excellent customer service. Our mission is to bring you and everyone in the greater Houston area the gift of a perfect smile. When you visit our health center, you take the first step to a better, cleaner mouth. No matter what type of oral disease or condition ails you, we’ll ensure that you get the treatment appropriate for you. With our cutting-edge treatments, we minimize discomfort and maximize the effectiveness of our procedures.

Every client we take on is treated like the most significant patient we have. Regardless of how you look now, we can always improve your smile. We know that it’s easy to feel insecure about your teeth. Our products consist of smile-enhancing aids such as Invisalign™ and teeth whitening veneers. We put our value on customer satisfaction and quality service.

Gentle Dental Care’s method of delivering this excellent service is by determining what our patients need and executing on the correct procedure. A majority of dental insurance companies cover our dental cleanings, so there’s no reason not to come in today and take advantage of our service. Whether you’re looking for a dental hygienist, a pediatric dentist, or cosmetic dentistry, our dental office brings you the best results possible.

Dental Services

Proper dental care can ensure that your smile looks its best for as long as possible. Having a clean and healthy mouth is vital to general health. As a result, having a hygienist that you can trust comes first. With Gentle Dental Care, you have a trustworthy dentist and a dedicated medical staff at your side. Our specialists and assistants offer the best cleanings and other services for your oral health. With our aid, we’ll identify any dental issues you may have and provide our expertise on how to solve them.

General Dentistry

Many of our patients start things off simple. Our regular teeth cleanings are a great way to kick off your time with us. These cleanings will leave your mouth feeling stronger and refreshed. First, we recommend scheduling a checkup so we can get a full idea of what services you may need or may improve your mouth. Once we’ve identified the best strategy for tackling all of your dental conditions, we’ll get started on doing our best work.

Dentistry Services and oral surgeries

Our services can make your toothache a thing of the past

In the case of an infected tooth, a root canal may be necessary. Having infected roots leads to pain and soreness in the affected area. T prevent this, we numb the area surrounding the tooth and clear the infected tissue and remove the infection. After that, we seal the hole made into your tooth and add a crown, per your request.

Along with root canals, we offer services in overall dental hygiene such as bridges, dentures, bonding, crowns, and much more. All of these services serve to improve your oral health. When you come in for your checkup, we’ll determine which of these services would be appropriate for you.

Pediatric Dentistry

We here at Gentle Dental Care understands that proper oral health starts with your youth. Keeping your children’s teeth fresh and new promote orally healthy habits and routines for your children. Keeping your children’s teeth today means setting a foundation for their teeth in the future. We offer the same services that we do for our adult patients, as well as sealants and mouth guards. So no matter what your child needs, we can accommodate with our pediatric dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Once you’ve achieved true oral hygiene, the next step is to ensure that your teeth are orderly and properly aligned. Many patients keep their teeth clean and healthy, but they’re still crooked or twisted. We offer a variety of methods to combat improper teeth alignment. Our veneers reshape your mouth completely. These ceramic shells fix oral problems such as staining, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, and other issues.

Within two or three visits, you’ll have your veneers ready to go and work for your mouth. During the first visit, we’ll review your options and how you would like to shape your teeth. Once we agree on a veneer shape, our second meeting will get an impression of your teeth and send it off to our labs to be fabricated. Once it’s complete, we’ll call you in for your final appointment to get it fitted and make sure that everything is perfect. Our veneers look natural and slowly give you a mouth shape that you can be happy with. So come on in today and let’s get you the right form for your teeth.

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Gentle Dental Care focuses on providing the best dental care in all of Houston. When you meet with us, we give you every option you need to have the perfect smile. Call (281) 855-1100 or find us online for more information. After our service, you’ll be glad to have the most Houston TX affordable dentistry around.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • Houston is home to three different professional sports teams
  • The city hosts the world’s largest livestock show
  • Houston was named after Same Houston, a military commander that became a politician after leading the fight for Texas independence
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