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It can be challenging to find the right Houston TX local dentist for your hygienic needs. Fortunately, Gentle Dental Care can provide you with aesthetically pleasing results. Your smile is vital to make good impressions with the people you interact with every day. For example, if you’re in a job interview, the first impression you want to give is a bright smile. Your smile shows you are attentive, engaged, and care about what your employer expects of you in the position. If you’re too embarrassed to smile due to the state of your teeth, you can incidentally communicate a lack of interest as well as a lack of confidence.

Our body language is essential when communicating with the people around us. Your facial expression is part of interacting as well as your smile. You want to send the message that you take care of yourself and not afraid to engage with others. Can you imagine trying to talk to someone who has rotting teeth? Though there are those of us who don’t like to judge, you can immediately think the person is unclean and doesn’t take care of themselves. In a way, you may be correct, in your opinion. People who don’t take the time to care about their teeth make you wonder if they take care of other aspects of themselves in their daily lives.

Our society bases our reputation on how others perceive us. Therefore, most of us would like to show we are communicative in our professions, with friends and family, or other social interactions. It can be challenging to communicate the message you want with an unhealthy smile. Gentle Dental Care can help you get that award-winning smile. If you’re in the Houston area, come by to see what we can do for you. We’d be more than welcome to assist you with your oral services. We’re a family practice dedicated to your dental needs.

Orthodontic Care

Clear, Ceramic, And Traditional Braces

Orthodontic Solutions

When it comes to orthodontics, we’re able to provide you with braces, night guards, and TMJ/ TMD therapy. Healthy smiles are a necessity, and straight teeth aid you in getting there. We are the dental office in Houston that provides traditional braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign. All three options contribute to a bigger and better smile. Additionally, due to advances in technology, oral health is less painful, especially braces. Our traditional braces are the least expensive and align your teeth with precision.

If you don’t need braces, but require something to keep your enamel intact, night guards are a great solution. We are the Texas dental clinic able to provide you with a night guard that can last up to ten years. Nightguards are necessary because some people tend to grind their teeth at night. Over time, it can wear down your teeth as well as irritate your gums. By choosing Gentle Dental care as your Houston dentist, we’ll show you how a simple guard can provide a barrier between your teeth, preventing the damage of your enamel. We offer a list of dental procedures capable of getting you the best results.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to your skull. This joint controls your action of chewing. Chewing can be affected by dental implants, dental crowns, root canals, or other cosmetic dentistry. Also, when some people have stress, they tend to clench their teeth, which affects the jaw muscles. Over time, this action may cause temporomandibular disorder (TMD) to occur. You may have TMD if you have trouble chewing, headaches or pains, or popping sounds when opening your mouth. By scheduling an appointment with our dentist’s office, we’re able to fix the issue.

Trusted Oral Surgery Procedures

Did you know that putting off oral surgery can make your oral health worse?

Oral Surgery Procedures

As we all know, some teeth require more surgical approaches. The growth of wisdom teeth is a common problem that you’ll most likely need an operation for some time in your life. The term “wisdom teeth” may sound like a positive concept for people who haven’t heard it before, but it’s usually not the case. When others hear their wisdom teeth are coming in, an ominous feeling occurs because of what it can cause. For instance, ingrown wisdom teeth can cause the alignment of your teeth to falter. Therefore, extractions must be made to the teeth to prevent further tampering of the alignment.

The extraction process can sound scary, but we take steps to allow the surgery to be as painless as possible. Due to advancements in technology and treatment, we provide anesthesia for the pain. First, we cut the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth. Next, the tooth loosens by gripping it tightly and wiggling it back and forth until it can lift out securely. In some cases, the tooth can be stubborn. When this occurs, we have to break up the tooth in pieces before removal. Tooth extractions are a standard procedure we perform to ensure you receive the best results out of your smile.

We also perform other practices some may not have heard of in our industry. For example, platelet-rich plasma is a medical procedure capable of accelerating tissue regeneration and healing. We use platelets, plasma, and white blood cells to use this during oral surgeries. The protein carried by the platelets is the main component of the procedure. With innovative methods, we continue to make your Houston, Texas general dentistry a breeze to sit through. Compared to other dentists in Houston, TX, we give them time and care your teeth need to display its shine. For same-day dentistry, get in touch with us now.

Make Us Your Houston TX Local Dentist

Transform your teeth with our whitening service!

In addition to the services we’ve mentioned, we also provide teeth whitening as well as emergency dental care at our dental center. We have multiple locations, including Katy, Magnolia, Spring, and Montgomery. Feel free to contact us at (281) 855-1100 for more information about the services we provide at our various locations. Our Houston location is 17301-A Farm to Market Road 529 if you ever want to stop by if you’re in the area. Let Gentle Dental Care be your Houston TX local dentist for your oral hygiene.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • Houston is home to three professional sports teams.
  • Matt Stone, the South Park creator, was born in Houston.
  • Houston’s first hospital was St. Joseph Medical Center.
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