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If you want to look your best, a dentist Houston TX can make a huge difference.  Whatever age you are, people still want to feel confident when they smile. To change your look sometimes means you must change the alignment of your teeth. They could have been an annoyance for quite a long time but you were never able to get the right care. It can be a little expensive and sometimes you might not have the time.

Regardless of the reasons, we want to encourage you to get dental care. It’s a lifestyle choice that speaks to hygiene and personal care. Moreover, the structure of your mouth can reflect your entire look. Change does take patience and time. There are even discrete ways to change your look with the new advances of modern dentistry. Our dental clinic is here to help you with your smile.

General Dentistry

When you go to a dentist, there is a certain amount of services that you are provided which fall under the branch of general dentistry. These will range from the cleanings to the cavity fillings. While the dentist may be capable of operating other procedures, such as a root canal, but this is not usually ideal since we have a large volume of patients. Therefore, we are able to optimize our business by offering multiple skilled dental physicians who can work in different branches.

Your general dentist will be able to diagnose and prescribe treatments. They can also manage your overall oral healthcare and keep records. The following services fall under the category of general dentistry, they are basic procedures that you may experience at a regular cleaning session.

  • Teeth & Gum Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Veneers & Bridges

That is why we are able to provide high-quality general dentistry amongst our other services. The focus will be on the patient, and we can take the time to ensure that your teeth get the most esteemed care. The proper cleaning requires attention and if a dental clinic does not have the resources to offer this to you, consider working with Gentle Dental. We’ll ensure that you’re completely taken care of.


Of course, we provide an extensive range of other more specific services, too. These will regard branches such as Orthodontics which specializes in the control and adjustment of your teeth as they move around in your mouth. This science studies shifts and positions of teeth to determine the best route to get your teeth as straight and even as can be.

To do this, we often recommend services such as braces or mouthpieces. These have been proven to provide excellent results. Over a period of time, clients report their teeth looking straighter than ever before. When we finally take off the braces, they are filled with incredible confidence and happiness as they relish in the end results. There are plenty of other options that we can offer, however, we will determine that when we begin your treatment.

Other Care From Dentist Houston TX

There are more varied services that we are fully capable of providing if need be. That will consist of the more common operations such as root canals and tooth removals like wisdom teeth. Yet, we can also provide more invasive or emergency dental care such as dental implants or oral surgeries that are more serious. If this is something that you believe you may need, contact our customer service immediately to learn more about your options!

We can also help work with your bite and the angles that your teeth land on. It’s very important to keep track of this due to the potential grinding or breakdown of teeth due to a poor bite. In order to get the best oral care, we offer a very personalized array of options that can ensure every aspect of your teeth and gums are given care.

Financing Options Available

In the event that you may not be able to afford dental care, we believe we can help. Gentle Dental offers different types of financing options to make these services available to you. We understand that these treatments are not cheap, but ultimately they are absolutely essential. That is why we work to meet you in the middle and provide you with the sort of benefits that will make these options more accessible.

About Gentle Dental

We have been family owned and operated the company for 20 years, and one thing we have learned is that excellent care and service will triumph every time. That’s why we work so hard to provide you with high-quality care. Our goal is to build your self-esteem, and general hygiene so you can learn the habits and routines that will take care of you in the future. People can gain a lot from having perfect teeth, but it’s something you will just have to try to find out. Fortunately, we’ll be able to help you with that.

With team members that can speak both English and Spanish, and the potential to accept most insurance plans, we ensure optimum oral care. In order to reach us, you can set up an appointment and we’ll be happy to work with you soon!


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Fun Facts about Houston

  • Texas is one of seven states with no state income tax
  • NRG replaced the 7th wonder of the world – the Astrodome
  • Downtown there is a pedestrian tunnel system
  • George W. Bush 41st President and First Lady Barbara Bush called Houston their home
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