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You most likely grew up hearing parents and teachers telling you to brush your teeth twice a day. There is a reason why they suggest this. Healthy habits such as brushing often will result in a healthy mouth. Floss every day. Leftover food will get stuck between your teeth and gums and will turn into plaque. The plaque can cause your gums to swell. Flossing will remove plaque if you do it enough to make it a part of your daily routine. Any Dentist near me Houston TX will remind you to check your gums to make sure they are pink. The gums line should hug your teeth tightly. Your gums should not bleed when you brush. However, Gentle Dental will make sure they remain healthy, too!

Dental Implants Available

Do you need dental implants? An implant from a dentist near me Houston Tx at Gentle Dental is a prosthetic tooth. This tooth made to measure in the gap where the missing tooth would be. Your Gentle dentist near me Houston Tx will select implants that are made from titanium. The implant should be strong enough to take on the stress that you will put on it with chewing. The implant procedure is in different stages over a period of months.

Gentle Dental will quickly find out if the existing structures can support the prosthetic device. After the prosthetic device is put in, a small incision is made to make room for the implant. Gentle Dental will sew you up and the process is over.

Healing From Dental Implants

Once you have had time to heal and the implant has had time to bond with the bone, crowns may be put on. This is to allow you the ability to eat and speak normally during dental restoration. You can also look forward to a pleasing smile. But wait, there is more.

Once the healing process has come and gone, your Gentle dentist near me Houston Tx will make a prosthetic tooth, an abutment. This will be put into your mouth to restore your smile. There is no more work to be done upon completion. The implant is permanent and will function just like your other teeth. Gentle Dental wants you to have a positive experience. That is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Do You Need Dentures?

Patients will call on Gentle dentist near me Houston Tx to help with their upper or lower denture. If you are missing multiple teeth, several mini-implants can compensate. A row of four to six implants can serve as the base of a denture. That is a better solution than having individual implants along the gum line. The row is more comfortable as well. The denture will hook to the implant row and act as an entire row of teeth.

If an upper or lower denture is something that you think you need, a mini implant is the best option. A denture that lacks the stability of a micro-implant will have to rely on a precise fitting or epoxy. These two options run the risk of failing. A loose denture makes eating a challenge.

Teeth Whitening by Gentle Dental

Keeping your teeth white is harder than it sounds. Think about everything that you put in your mouth. Coffee, wine, and even smoking will have the ability to put hard stains on your teeth. Even proper maintenance will sometimes fail you. Teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the natural color of your teeth.

Dentist near me Houston TX will utilize a tray whitening system. This is a two-step process. We will make an impression of your teeth. With this impression, Gentle Dental will craft you custom whitening trays that can be used over and over. As a result, a whiter smile of 4-8 shades!

Let Gentle Dental Help with Tooth Decay

Do you want to protect your young one from tooth decay and cavities on their molars? Cavities love to hit the back teeth because of chewing. They are also the most difficult for youngsters to reach and clean. Molars will come in by the time a child reaches seven-years-old. It is best to go through the sealant process when the molars first come in for protection.

A sealant is put on as a liquid. It is put right on to the tooth. The liquid hardens and creates a barrier between the tooth and any plaque, food, and bacteria. Sealants last for about ten years and can be put on again if need be. The best way to ensure the protection of your child’s molars is by reaching out to our dental office.

Align Your Teeth with Gentle Dental

When you take a bite of food, does your jaw feel off? You might need an occlusal adjustment. This process corrects the alignment of the bite. Loose, shifting, crowded, or missing teeth can hinder anyone making life more challenging. Call on Gentle Dental to evenly distribute a bite that eliminates irregular pressure on one side of the mouth. Once your bite is in alignment then you can expect your teeth to meet properly.

There is minimal discomfort associated with occlusal adjustment in our offices. This process only yields minimal discomfort. Our Dentist near me Houston TX professionals will use a dental drill with a fine filing stone. Removal mouthpieces are better. As a result, there is protection over the tooth. The jaw muscles will relax once the adjustment has been done. If you think you are a good candidate for this procedure, reach out to Gentle Dental. We will take good care of your dental needs.

Oral Surgery Is A Must In Many Cases

Gentle Dental has a Dentist near me Houston TX that will handle all your oral surgery needs. A tooth with an impaction is just one of many conditions that will require oral surgery. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to develop. Most of the time these third molars do not have enough room within the jawline to emerge. Often, one or more of these molars fails to emerge in proper alignment. They can get stuck between the jawbone and the gum tissue.

Dentist near me Houston TX can intervene so that these teeth do not cause permanent damage to your other teeth or gums. If these molars are left, they can sometimes lead to cysts or tumors forming inside the mouth. As a result, sections of the jaw will be a problem. Gentle Dental will naturally recommend a Dentist near me Houston TX to surgically remove them.

Who Doesn’t Want a Healthy Mouth?


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