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We offer dentist office Houston TX service like no other. Like so many people today, the dentist is the last place you want to go to. However, there is a dentist that is just right for you. Not all dentists are the same, so we invite you to see what is so different about our Houston dental office.

Change does take patience and time. There are discrete ways to change your look. At Gentle Dental, our Houston dentist office has new technology that is available for most cases. Moreover, clear braces or ceramic braces will give you that translucent look. A benefit of these braces is that you won’t daunt that metallic look. In addition, clear braces will not show stains or wear and tear.

Dentist Office Houston TX

Options For General Dentistry

The field of dentistry is large and complex. There are dozens of branches that specialize in specific aspects of oral care. Whether that be the jaw, the gums, or the teeth, they usually have a job that they excel in. This is the same for general dentistry.

While they may not necessarily focus on one subject, in particular, they will provide excellent oral care overall. Our Houston dentist office offers root canals, wisdom teeth removal and a variety of other procedures. All treatment plans are designed with close attention to your needs. They will provide a particular array of services such as the usual teeth cleanings, fillings of any cavities and also bridges and veneers. These are quick and effective treatments that ensure long-term solutions.

However, while they may be capable of performing more technical procedures such as root canals, the volume of clients that we serve does not allow us to be so broad. This is why we have multiple dental physicians who can offer their specialized services. When it comes to general dentistry, you are still going to get that one-on-one care that is both attentive and considerate.

Orthodontic Care

We also offer services from the branch of orthodontics as well. This regards the shifting and restructuring of your teeth. Sometimes when you grow into your adult teeth, the constant movement of your jaw and the gum tissue will force the teeth to move around.

In extreme cases, they can cause impacted teeth, or the inability to close the mouth. However, most situations consist of crowding or an otherwise unsightly set of teeth. The only way to make adjustments to teeth when they are in this state is through orthodontics.

This often means that an orthodontist must implement a treatment such as braces or mouthpieces to instigate movement of the teeth in directions that will reorder your teeth. This is a very effective method for people of all ages as the results can be drastic. You may have had such low confidence beforehand but once the braces had done their job, you’ll glow with happiness.

Endodontic Services

When you get care from an endodontist, chances are you will be getting a root canal. This is one of the most popular treatments for people and it is the treatment that endodontists are trained to perform. They are able to see multiple patients a day if need be. Their ability to do small surgeries with such high efficiency is remarkable. Gentle Dental offers these capabilities for our patients so that they will not have to wait longer for the general dentist to perform such tasks.

You will be able to avert further damage to your teeth with services from an endodontist. It will be more efficient and far faster than getting treatment from another location with a less capable staff. Root canals are often strategic decisions made to protect the rest of your mouth. If the tooth is already compromised, the root canal essentially cleanses the area and ensures that the infection does not spread any further.

Financing Options At Our Dentist Office Houston TX

If you are looking to get a checkup or you need a specific service but need some financial support, we will be happy to help. While we are able to accept most insurance plans, we also have a system in place that can provide financing to clients. If they need help paying for the treatments, we’ll be happy to help make this care more affordable.

Through reliable services such as these, more and more people within our community are able to access high-quality dental care. We believe that this is incredibly important for any person who wants to be successful in life. A clean smile will yield so many wonderful opportunities that you would not have thought were possible.

About Our Company

We have been working in this industry for more than 20 years. Our company is family-owned and operated, with a dedication to the highest quality. The ability to offer multiple services and specialty dentists has proven to be one of our greatest assets. People can seek the benefits of our dentistry for more than just a single service. Gentle Dental aims to make excellent dental care easy and affordable for all people! This is how we believe we can best serve the community. When you are more hygienic, you will notice how your confidence soars!


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Call Gentle Dental, and visit our Houston dentist office to begin your optimum dental maintenance. We assure you that coming to our office will not be a wonderful experience. You can gain access to some of the most advanced technologies and dentists who can provide you with truly phenomenal services.

After working with us, your teeth will be in far better condition than ever before. We here at Gentle Dental want to do everything we can to make your oral experience unforgettable. Hopefully, that will be because your teeth are shining back at you in the mirror every day! Our office is at 17301 A FM 529 Houston Tx 77095. Reach out to us by calling (281) 855-1100. Schedule your appointment today!

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