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Are you tired of searching, “family dentist near me Houston TX” on Google? Using a Houston family dentist with Gentle Dental will bring numerous benefits. Our dentist has an extensive range of dental services that will ensure your teeth are strong, healthy and protected. We want to bring incredible results that will make you more confident. We offer dozens of services for affordable prices. Whether it be a tooth removal or surgical operations for your jawbone Gentle Dental can accommodate specialized dental care, too! You will find that our dentistry values your personal opinion greatly, and we want to create a smile that you will fall in love with. Let us start working on your teeth today!

Cosmetic Bonding By Gentle Dental

Bonding is a great cosmetic procedure that can help rebuild your smile. Our staff is ready to help bring your teeth back to their brightest best. Bonding can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and protect them as well. Gentle Dental offers excellent professionals for this process. The procedure is not invasive and requires minimal prep time before we get started. Typically we will not even have to use anesthesia for this operation. From general to emergency services, we’ve got everything you need for quality dental work. It can be quick and easy!

The basic overview of the process is essentially placing a cover on a tooth that is already damaged. This service is great for cracks, chips, stains, teeth that have their gum exposed. It is a simple fix that can last for 4-8 years if need be. This is a white filling that is applied to the tooth in question. It takes one visit and is very cost-effective! Gentle Dental will be able to provide this service and ensure that your teeth are protected so that you can go back to normal eating in no time!

Gentle Dental Has Veneers Just For You!

Another option that is a little more expensive, but more permanent is veneers. They are very similar to bonding but instead of a filling, there is a porcelain shell used. It is a cosmetic procedure that can repair a severely damaged tooth. Whether it is seriously stained, chipped or cracked, our family dentist near me Houston TX can help! 

It differs from bonding in that it is more long-lasting and takes longer to apply. A regular operation for veneers is going to take 2 appointments while bonding only takes one. Furthermore, they are more expensive and veneers are designed directly after your teeth whereas a bond will use a filling to fix a particular spot. They will make your appearance look beautiful and support you for a much longer time.

We are happy to offer these solutions for your teeth. Gentle Dental will help resist stains, damage and other issues that regular teeth are susceptible to. Additionally, the material of veneers can vary, too. Our dentists will be happy to provide you either porcelain or resin composite materials for veneers. While porcelain veneers are more resistant, they are slightly more expensive so our service aims to cover all price ranges.

Enhance Your Appearance With Our Family Dentist Near Me Houston TX

Whether you are using veneers or bonding, you can make a drastic improvement in your appearance. This arises because many times you may underestimate how much staining or damage your teeth have taken. When you come to Gentle Dental, we can provide all of the care needed to return your teeth to their ideal state. Whether we are removing plaque, whitening your teeth or installing implants, the change will be worthwhile.

At Gentle Dental, we want to empower our clients and instill newfound confidence. Many times customers come to us with self-doubt and worry over their appearance. All it takes are a few minor adjustments and you will find your beautiful looks were never the problem! You just needed a little cleaning and straightening up.

We work with teeth of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are setting up an appointment for yourself or your child, all are welcome. Gentle Dental is a family business that can provide support for all members. Old or young, we have plenty of services that can take care of any of your needs. This is an ideal time to begin dental care with us because we are expanding like never before! All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and our software is as advanced as it gets. We can support your entire family and still keep extensive records so you can stay as up to date as possible. We ensure that all of your information will be held confidential.


Healthy Gums Can Lead To Healthy Teeth!

If you are experiencing issues with your teeth, you may also want to check out your gums first. While the initial problems with the teeth deserve attention, your issues may be stemming from underlying issues with the gums that could potentially cause recurring problems. In order to ensure that your teeth stay healthy, taking care of the gums is a priority.

We want to highlight the importance of gum care for a moment. Make sure that it is pink and malleable. Bright red gums that are stiff and painful to the touch can be indicative of an overarching condition. This can lead to even more serious damage that goes beyond your teeth heading to the bones. In order to stay on top of this, and to preserve your healthy teeth, talk to your dentist about gum care now!

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Our family dentist near me Houston TX is here to help and provide a fully comprehensive package for dental care. We are always looking forward to new clients because it means new smiles. Building up confidence, health and happiness are what Gentle Dental Care is all about. If you are looking to get an appointment set up, you can visit our offices where we practice. We highly recommend finding us at our Houston location so we can get started on your dentistry. You can also reach us by phone at (281) 855-1100. Make sure to check us out to find out more about us. Trust your dental needs to the professionals at Gentle Dental Care today! Call us today for your family dentist near me Houston TX.


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