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Have you ever visited a Houston TX family orthodontics office? Chances are if you have had braces, you may frequent this location. However, if you have never heard of this dental specialist, we’ll be happy to elaborate on their role in keeping up with your oral hygiene. This is one of many branches of dental care that we offer at Gentle Dental. Whether you are in need of this type of specialization or another, we will have an expert waiting to assist you. This is how we are able to handle such a large volume of patients as well. The more versatile our staff is, the more effective and long-lasting our treatments will be.

What Is Orthodontics?

Most dental schools will classify Orthodontics as the study of facial or dental irregularities. In the event that you are required to get some sort of orthodontic treatment, the general dentist will not be performing the procedure. Instead, he or she will refer you to another specialist known as an orthodontist. This doctor studies the shifting of your teeth and angles of your bite. They can realign crooked teeth or determine what the best solution for your underbite is.

When you get the services of an Orthodontist, they will be able to oversee your evolution and regulate the growth of your jaw as you mature. They can put on braces or other sorts of teeth aligners in an effort to rearrange your teeth. Once the procedures have come to a close, you will discover an entirely new look. Your teeth will be more beautiful, straighter and healthier than they’ve ever been before! It could be the start of a wonderful new life with brilliant teeth.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces have been a traditional, but ever-evolving service that has proven successful in the dental world for many decades. Unfortunately, it is not going to be the most aesthetic treatment that we can provide. However, the results will be. Whenever you have braces, for any patient the routine is essentially the same.

We always work to make sure that the end product is exactly what you want. That’s why the study of orthodontics is such a complex branch of dental science. They design the most exact procedures to establish proper functioning teeth and excellent angled bites. It may take a year or so, but the braces are designed to work overtime. They will shift the teeth through high levels of pressure, and our team can provide this to you.

Getting braces begins with a mold of your teeth to understand the way your teeth are moving and why they are going these directions. Then, we will devise a plan to reorient your teeth through the use of wiring. Our orthodontist will discuss this treatment with you and then if you agree, we will begin the procedure.

In order to place the wiring onto your teeth to pull or push them, we have to use brackets. These are small metal frames that go on each of the teeth in question. Then, the wiring is passed through them to hold the proper form that the orthodontist has decided is needed.

This will be the shape that your teeth need to begin their shift. It will be painful and slightly tender, but ultimately it will move your teeth to the perfect form. This process will be repeated several times over the next few months until the results are exactly what you desire.

Can Children Wear Braces?

Typically we do not recommend braces to children. Usually, we will begin early rudimentary forms of braces after all of the primary teeth have fallen out. These teeth, also known as baby teeth, are not permanent and usually all fall out before the child is 9 or 10. Of course, if the conditions are serious enough, we may arrange some sort of mouthpiece that can maintain at least normal conditions for your teeth. The reason we do not recommend braces is due to the large expenses that they will incur. Since they will fall out, it would be a waste of time and money to perform such invasive operations without the chance of longlasting results. Talk to your dentist and find out if your child may need to get preliminary types of braces!


Financing Options At Our Houston TX Family Orthodontics Clinic

We understand that not all dental treatments are entirely affordable, like other medical services they can be rather expensive. However, we want to ensure that we have done everything we can do to make our services accessible to all kinds of people. In order to do this, we can provide financing options that will help make these treatments more inexpensive.

We also accept most insurance plans and Medicaid services as well. This way, you can also make it easier on your finances regardless of your standing. We intend to bring high-quality dental care to our community and this is how we believe it can become more and more available to the common consumer. If you find that you are interested in getting some of our treatments, or would like to learn more, you can always contact our customer service. We have representatives who will take care of your needs with the utmost manner.

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