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How Dental Extractions Can Help You

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Dental Extractions

If you are having dental issues caused by wisdom teeth trying to protrude through the gums, when a wisdom tooth is impacted, the tooth will come in at an angle rather than straight through the gum line. As a result, you may experience pain, the tooth may come in unevenly, or the tooth could emerge partially only. When wisdom teeth only emerge partially, a flap of skin called an operculum, may begin to form over the tooth. An operculum can make the tooth difficult to clean, and pieces of food may get caught under the skin. Consequently, you’ll be more vulnerable to an infection called pericoronitis. Usually, this infection will go away on its own but not without causing swelling and pain in the area.

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How a Dental Extraction Helps

Extractions can range from the removal of one tooth to all four wisdom teeth at once. Moreover, extractions are important when it comes to teeth and wisdom teeth that could cause potential problems. With Gentle Dental, you’ll have experienced dentists performing this type of procedure while adhering to the industry’s highest standards.

The gum tissue surrounding a wisdom tooth will be cut open to reveal the tooth. Afterward, the tooth is loosened by gripping it tightly and wiggling it back and forth until the tooth can be lifted out of the gums. In some instances, a tooth may be impacted so tightly that it can’t be lifted out of the gums. The best course of action for this scenario is to break up the tooth into pieces before removing it. Depending on factors such as incision and extraction sites, sutures can sometimes be needed to close the area. Generally speaking, the best option is soluble sutures, which dissolve on their own.

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Once the surgery is completed, you’ll need to get proper rest. Even more, you’ll have to have someone drive you home as the anesthesia will still be in effect. Expect for the extraction site to bleed for some time after the surgery. After the completion of the surgery, gauze will be applied, and you’ll need to replace it once it becomes soaked. Learn more about our oral surgeries such as extractions by calling us at (281) 855-1100 or clicking here.

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