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How to care for your teeth after a cosmetic procedure

Having a dental procedure done can be scary, but almost always necessary. The step you take after a dental procedure is done is essential to the overall health and recovery of your body. At Gentle Dental Care, we care about your recovery and we want to make sure that you’re following all of the necessary procedures to obtain optimal care.

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There are many post-op steps to take after the completion of a procedure. Most post-op care is necessary after the procedure and after your surgery, after tooth extractions, and after dental implant surgery.

Important Pre-Operative Anesthetic Care

Most often you are placed under anesthesia during most procedures, and there will be steps you need to take prior to and after the procedure is completed. These steps include:

  • Abstain from eating or drinking anything 8 hours prior to surgery. Also, it is equally as important to refrain from smoking at least 12 hours prior to surgery.
  • You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment due to the heavy anesthesia still partially impairing you. Additionally, do not wear jewelry, contact lenses, or dentures as this could intervene with an x-ray.
  • Finally, if you take any medication then discuss this with your primary care physician to make sure they are approved to take prior to surgery.

Post-operative care for surgery (maintaining teeth health)

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Caring for your teeth after a major procedure ensures that you heal properly and avoid any unnecessary complications. As a rule, please wait two hours after surgery so the anesthesia can wear off. After most procedures, you can expect a certain tenderness in your mouth and this is completely normal. Additionally, rinsing with warm salt water can aid in the overall healing of your mouth.

Brushing is equally as important to keep up with after a procedure. Many patients want to lay off the brushing for a day so that their mouth doesn’t hurt further. But, this is ill-advised and we recommend against it. Please continue to brush your teeth normally but avoid harsh pressure around the treatment areas.

Finally, we instruct you to refrain from using straws as the suction can dislodge blood vessels or loosen new teeth or crowns right after the procedure is complete.

If you have any questions regarding surgery don’t hesitate to give our office a call at (281) 855-1100. Our friendly customer service reps will be on the other end to help.

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