Childrens Dental 77450

Are you looking for the best Children’s Dental 77450 services? If you are, then you are in a for a pleasant surprise. Gentle Dental Care has the best dentists in the area who can help you with many dental needs. Our team is fully dedicated to getting our clients the best customer service while getting your smile back in great shape.

Our promise is to do everything in our power to get your smile looking bright and healthy. There are many benefits that come with children’s dental care. Keeping your child’s teeth clean and healthy can go a long way in ensuring they grow up to be healthy. Visit us and see why we are the leading dentists’ office in the area.

Importance of Children’s Dental Care

Childrens Dental 77450

Friendly Children’s Dental 77450

Having good oral hygiene habits can ensure you stay healthy and strong. Children also need to take care of their teeth. At Gentle Dental Care, your child will get friendly service. We understand how hard it is for some kids to visit their dentist, we’ll do our best to make your visit smooth and easy.

Reducing Risks of Tooth Decay

One of the most common effects of bad oral hygiene is tooth decay. This is both a health problem and an embarrassing look for anyone. Regular visits to the dentist can prevent tooth decay from appearing. Tooth decay is also a sign of bacteria accumulating on teeth. If you want to make sure your child grows up to be healthy and strong, make sure you take your child to the dentist regularly.

Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Another effect of poor dental hygiene is an increase in tooth sensitivity. Increased levels of tooth sensitivity can cause pain and make eating and chewing very difficult. Our team is ready to help your child prevent any major issues. We will make sure your child is professionally examined and we will give you tips on how to keep your child’s dental health in a good state. Visit us and experience our great service in person.

Preventive Care is Less Expensive than Emergency Care

For the most part, preventing dental problems can save you money by preventing expensive treatment for issues that may grow out of control. Our cleaning and preventive services are great for children as it shows them how to maintain clean and healthy teeth. You don’t want to end up paying for emergency service out-of-pocket so come by our location soon.

Fresher Breath

If teeth are left without proper care, they’ll start accumulating bacteria. These bacteria can be very dangerous in many ways. For one, bacteria can cause bad breath. This may seem like an easy fix with mints and gum but we recommend professional help. Our team of experienced dentists can help you avoid the embarrassment of having bad breath. For a child, having bad breath can cause many problems such as teasing at school. Help your child avoid the humiliation of bad breath by regularly taking your child to a dentist.

Childrens Dental 77450

Experienced Children’s Dental 77450

Some of Our Services

We pride ourselves on being very aware of all developments in dentistry, we have the most advanced technology to go along with our great dentists. With this great combination, we guarantee that your smile we’ll be looking bright and healthy in no time. Although we do care for children, we are an all-ages dental office, meaning that you can bring your child and both of you will receive the best dental care in the area.

Dental Hygiene Services

One of the best ways of maintaining good oral health is by keeping your teeth clean. Regular cleanings can clear out things such as tartar and plaque while also freshening breath. Cleanings can also prevent dental issues like cavities, caries, and other oral diseases. Studies have shown that routine dental cleanings help prevent periodontal, or gum, disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Many people that visit us seem to be very self-conscious about their smiles. We understand how important having a good smile can be. A good smile can help in public events like first dates, job interviews, work meetings and other events of that nature. There is always a way to improve a smile. Gentle Dental Care can offer you cosmetic dentistry services such as Zoom, the most powerful teeth whitening solutions available today.


In certain instances, a dental issue can become so advanced that you can be at risk of tooth loss. If left unchecked, it can result in dental implants. Luckily, we have an endodontist that can help save your teeth. Our endodontist will work very hard to create a treatment plan to save your teeth. An effective way of cleaning and preserving teeth is with root canal treatment. A root canal procedure will clean out damaged and infected pulp within your teeth. The next step consists of dental fillings that keep saliva out. The root canal is then completed by the addition of a crown that helps restore normal tooth function.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most private insurance plans along with Medicaid and CHIP dental care plans. If you have any questions regarding financing or insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Childrens Dental 77450

Friendly Staff At Children’s Dental 77450, pediatric dental

We understand how expensive dental treatment can be, which is why we provide financing options. Texas Gentle Dental has partnered with CareCredit, meaning that we can offer financing options for the various services that we offer. CareCredit is the leading medical and dental financial services companu]y and offers affordable financing options for things such as braces, sealants, root canals, oral surgery and more.

Regular dental checkups are an effective and proactive way of keeping a great smile for many years. Professional dental exams can help improve the health of your teeth and can catch potential issues before they get worse. Contact us today to learn more about our many services.

Children’s Dental 77450

If you want the best dental service in the area, contact us at (281) 398-3636 or by checking out our other locations. At Gentle Dental, you’ll find the best service and results. Don’t hesitate and set an appointment for the best Children’s Dental 77450 services.

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