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When talking about a Cinco Ranch TX Medicaid dentist, it’s hard not to mention Gentle Dental Care. We’re a family practice able to perform multiple services when it comes to your oral health. Dental services should be done by a professional who cares for your well being and treats your inquiry as a top priority. Therefore, when you enter our doors, you’ll know you’re getting taken care of at our center. Your oral hygiene is crucial! They aid in breaking down and digesting foods as well as aids you with positive experiences in social settings. Let’s go into the benefits of beautiful smiles.

For instance, when you’re going in for a job interview, the first thing the employer looks at is how you greet them. When greeting someone, the first thing you usually do is smile. Your smile is necessary to establish social connections. Regular teeth whitening can help you make an excellent first impression. After all, first impressions are critical to forming relationships. If your first encounter is less than appealing, a person can tend to ignore your presence. Though a bit vain, we must admit that a majority of us judge people on their appearance and first impression. Therefore, looking your best when interacting with people will help you with your social persona.

A healthy smile also leads to good eating habits. If your mouth is in poor condition, you can experience pain in your gums. Also, pain can lead to a discouraging appetite. As human beings, food is vital as it is our source of fuel throughout the day as well as assists with a multitude of other functions in our bodies. Not practicing good eating habits can lead to even more detrimental health risks down the road. Therefore, choosing us as your primary dentist’s office is ideal.

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Family dentistry is an optimal practice for adults and children. For kids, we offer pediatric services, which can ease some of your worries as a parent. Children tend to eat sugary foods and sweets that can cause cavities, plaque, and even tooth decay. Keeping up with your child’s health is critical to ensure they grow up to live a prosperous and healthy life. With that said, we offer solutions that can help them in any endeavor they face with their oral hygiene as they grow. For instance, our sealants protect against tooth decay and cavities.

Our back teeth are the most vulnerable when it comes to brushing. Even adults can experience difficulty trying to reach towards the back with a brush to clean their teeth. If adults have trouble, kids will find no doubt find this challenging as well. Because of the hard-to-reach area of our mouth, it is easy for those teeth to develop a vulnerability to plaque, cavities, and decay. Our sealants protect those molars located in the back from rotting. Molars first come in between the ages of five and seven. The second row of teeth usually come in between ages eleven and fourteen.

Adult teeth can also become subject to the same conditions. Luckily, we offer solutions such as crowns. Crowns are a great way to protect your teeth if some of them experience decay, cracks, discoloration, or other effects. By fusing porcelain with metal, we’re able to craft your crown. You can even get your crown to match the natural color of your teeth to blend with your original smile. Though the process takes about two to three office visits, you’ll leave our office with a sense of confidence. You’ll be happy to see the semblance of your natural smile again!

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Perhaps one of the best features we have is our payment options. Whether you are an adult visiting or coming in with children, our practice accepts multiple payments. Finance is no issue for any of your dental problems as we partnered with CareCredit. As the leading medical and dental financial services company, CareCredit will help you incur high dental costs. We know how hard taking care of your family can be. Therefore, we offer multiple options when you need oral surgery or root canals for your visit.

When you find us in your search criteria, you’ll see that we are affordable and flexible with payment. For example, we accept a majority of private insurance plans as well as Medicaid and CHIP dental care. Dental insurance plans are separate from most medical insurance plans. Therefore, depending on your policy, the insurer can cover anywhere from fifty percent to eighty percent of the cost for necessary procedures. However, most significant methods require the out-of-pocket expenses, but it would still depend on your coverage plan to see if you can receive any deductibles. There are things you want to consider when selecting a dental plan as well.

The criteria you should go over is how much the plan covers annually, the duration of the waiting period, cost, and usage. To choose the best method suited to your needs, considering these components is crucial. You want to get the plan than can cover most of your expenses as well as save you the most in the long run. You also have to consider how long you’ll have to pay out of pocket if the insurers max out on how much they can give. Due to these factors, choosing the best plan is critical for your dental expenses.

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Gentle Dental Care is more than another practice. We take care of your family dental needs to the best of our abilities. We service multiple Houston areas including, Copperfield, Katy, Magnolia, Spring, Klein, Montgomery, and Conroe. If you’re around the Cinco Ranch location, you can find us at 20680 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 50, Katy TX 77450. You can also contact us at (281) 398-3636 for more details on our dental center. For any questions, comments, appointments, or concerns, our email is If you’re looking for a Cinco Ranch TX Medicaid dentist, you’ll find Gentle Dental Care is the way to go!

Cinco Ranch TX Fun Facts

  • You can take a tour to find a dozen historic homes and buildings downtown.
  • Cinco Ranch is about 30 miles from Houston.
  • The community is southeast of Katy.
  • For more fun facts, click here!