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If you are looking for a Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me, then you have come to the right place. There are many different types of treatment out there. We have some information that shares with you the different types of treatments. And we also know which ones are the most effective.

From over the counter products to Zoom to whitening trays, we would love to share with you the benefits of professional procedures versus the at-home kits. It is important to get the best care when looking after your teeth. While they are small, they play an essential role in keeping your body healthy.

With damaged or aching teeth, eating food would be a challenge. Even with sensitive teeth, food and drink can feel offensive. Making sure to have quality treatment is an important part of caring for your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way when it comes to teeth whitening. It has become safer and more affordable over the years. This makes professional services more readily available for people other than celebrities.

It can be expensive to spend hundreds trying to find an effective over the counter treatment. Instead, you can come to a reliable dental office to get the results you’ve dreamed of.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Katy, Texas, Gentle Dental Care is the place to go. We offer state of the art services when it comes to teeth whitening. You can choose between using ZOOM or custom whitening trays.

Whitening Trays

Let’s face it. Stains happen, so we need to have ways to remove those stains. Even proper maintenance can cause our teeth to become a little dull sometimes.

With our teeth whitening trays, you can restore your teeth to their natural color. Or even a few shades whiter.

Teeth whitening trays are customized to your teeth making for perfect treatment every time. Creating the trays only takes two easy steps. The first step is that the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Then the second step is that a whitening tray will be crafted from your impression. Finally, the whitening gel will be added, and you will put them in.

This will result in a smile that is four to eight shades whiter. By researching Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me, you are just a few steps away from your first treatment.

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Gentle Dental Care also offers ZOOM as a teeth whitening solution. How ZOOM works is that the dentist preps your mouth with a whitening gel. Then they shine an LED over your gelled teeth. The process is repeated about three times to ensure the best results.

Once your teeth have reached your desired shade, then the dentist will put on a post-treatment gel. This gel will protect enamel and reduce sensitivity.

There are many benefits to choosing ZOOM. It is fast and effective. Treatment will only take an hour. And effectiveness is due to the LED light and the strong whitening ingredients. The procedure isn’t invasive and will result in little to no sensitivity.

Healthier Teeth

When you go to the dentist, you want to prevent cavities and root canals. Dentists are there to provide preventative measures to protect your teeth. They are also there to help fix your teeth when they aren’t feeling well.

Quality dental care will keep your teeth clean and healthy. With regular check-ups, your teeth will be around for a long time.

If your teeth aren’t feeling well, it can really make you feel terrible. Just like anything else, if you aren’t healthy in every way, then you aren’t going to be as productive. Daily tasks will be hard, and you will want to go home instead of to that dinner party.

Stains can weaken your teeth more than you’d think. Professional teeth whitening treatments can remove dangerous stains. This results in stronger teeth and a healthier mouth. A healthy mouth can better fight tooth decay and gum disease.

In the long run, keeping your teeth stain-free will save you money and time — something to keep in mind when searching Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me.

Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me

Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me


Over the counter, products tend to follow the one size fits all rule. Everyone has already seen that this doesn’t work when it comes to clothes. So why do we expect it to work with teeth?

All mouths come in different shapes and sizes. Even teeth aren’t all the same. This is why the one size fits all approach just doesn’t work.

This can make treatments risky for your smile. Some over the counter products shouldn’t be on your gums. However, if you have small teeth or a small mouth, then those harsh chemicals will get on your gums. At-home treatments also have a higher chance of resulting in uneven results.

Poor teeth whitening results can harm your self-confidence. Which, for many, is the very thing they were trying to improve with a tooth whitening treatment.

Your dentist knows how to get the right smile every time. With them, you will be able to choose your results. You will get to choose how white you want your teeth. You’ll also have trays that are customized to your unique tooth and mouth size.

Finding Your Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me

Here at Gentle Dental Care, we care about your smile. Smiles affect every first impression. Everything from dates, to interviews, you need to have the confidence boost to succeed. No one should underestimate the power of a smile. So, why not trust those who understand teeth best? Allow us to give you a smile you need for success. Experience the newest technology in cosmetic dentistry. All for an affordable price.

With our services, you can have a healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Set up an appointment today by calling (281) 398-3636. Or check out our other locations and services.  We want to be your Cinco Ranch TX teeth whitening near me.

Cinco Ranch Fun Facts

  • The settling of Cinco Ranch started in 1820
  • In 2003 Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch
  • Is a part of Katy Texas
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