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Have you heard of the best dentist Katy TX has to offer? If not, you’re in luck. We are happy to showcase our clinic and all of the wonderful amenities and services we have to offer. Our Katy TX dentists excel for one resounding reason. We ensure that our clients get the ultimate care. That means the highest order of customer services matched with the most advanced formula of dental care and technological support.

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We intend to provide you with superior care that won’t break the bank. There are multiple branches that we also have access to and the amount of meticulous detail that goes into your case will be astonishing. For all of the best dental treatments, you can come to Gentle Dental. With our care, you will get the oral health you need, and the great-looking teeth you deserve. Let’s get started today!

Services Offered By Our Dentist Katy TX

There are many different branches of dentistry that can be provided. However, not all clinics are able to support such a wide range of extensive services. Each demand a specialist who has taken extra years of study to even certify for the branch. In addition, it also requires a heavy set of equipment that not only temperamental but very expensive, too. That is why you can expect nothing but the highest quality from Gentle Dental. By offering many of these branches, we represent one of the most versatile and multi-faceted dental clinics in the Katy area!

General Dentistry

This is the most common branch of dentistry that will serve as the basic grounds for oral treatment. It consists of the general cleanings and analysis that you could receive on your first checkup. This covers all of the initial problems and treatments that you might need. It is not designed to make cosmetic changes, but rather to clean, prevent, and build stronger methods for protection.

They will routinely clean your teeth and provide fillings, and while they may provide minor teeth whitening care it is not an essential service. Overall, the dentist will be responsible for your files, your medical history and the minute changes in your oral records over time. They will check, test and diagnose different issues and symptoms. If the situation is more severe, then they will most likely refer you to a specialist.

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One of the specialized branches in dentistry is called orthodontics. This is the study and treatment of the bite shape and the appearance of the face and teeth. Their prerogative is to design routine procedures for their clients to reorient the location, shape, and function of their teeth. For example, if you have teeth that are crooked or uneven, we will offer basic treatments such as braces to fix them.

This operation is a traditional solution that can realign teeth by exerting a calculated pressure in a certain direction over a period of time. Patients have found this treatment perfectly successful. Their reactions to their new, straight teeth are always jovial and full of glee. Of course, they will also work on other aspects of your visage such as the angle of your bite and how your jaw coordinates with your teeth. After your first checkup, you can discover more about the options that could be available for you. An Orthodontist can make major changes that will renew your appearance and highlight your teeth instead of camouflaging them.

Pediatric Care

Of course, we are also happy to take children’s patients as well. This is something that we believe is one of the most important aspects of dental care. After all, even though your teeth are not permanent, the habits that you instill at this age very well maybe. This is why it is absolutely critical to teach them the proper methods to have great oral health. That will include the brushing, flossing and regular checkups to the dentist. When they do get the regular visit, it will typically consist of all of the options that general dentistry can provide. The dentist will look into the health of the gums, the angle of the bite and also the teeth.

While they may not encourage long term treatments like braces or other more extensive care, they can certainly do any removals or potential fillings. In the case of baby teeth, we often don’t suggest many options beyond sealants because of how temporary they are. It would not be cost-effective to provide this care to teeth that are only going to last a few years. However, we will make plans, and routines for the future to ensure that when the teeth are finally matured, there will be as minimal of issues as possible.

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This is one of the options that are not necessarily critical for oral health but are imperative for the well-being of a person. In many cases, if teeth are damaged, chipped or even missing, the appearance can be undesirable. It makes people shy away, and internally it can be even more damaging.

People have sensitive perceptions of their teeth and whenever things happen to make them look worse than before, it can have drastic mental side-effects. This is why options like veneers, bridges, crowns and professional teeth whitening services are supported by Gentle Dental.

These treatments can help hide the damage by placing a ceramic shell over the tooth, like veneers. They can replace multiple missing teeth with bridges that appear just like teeth. We can also fix the smaller individual problems on a single tooth by placing permanent covers to the damage, like crowns. At Gentle Dental, we believe that your look is essential to your health and ultimately your outlook on life. We want to help you build up your confidence and self-esteem just as much as your oral health.

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