Emergency Dentist Near Me Katy TX

Do you know of an emergency dentist near me Katy TX? There are plenty of reasons to have a dentist on call in case of severe oral injury. While you may not experience tooth-related conditions on a regular basis, it is important to know the proper route just in case. This is the same basic concept that you may receive for fire escapes. In the event that it is necessary, you won’t be sorry. That is why we are here, to provide that same relief. Our Cinco Ranch dental clinic is immensely qualified. We can help you with cracked, broken or infected teeth and gums. In addition to that, we can provide tooth removals, and oral surgeries for the jaw if need be. You will find that we incorporate all of the best services to ensure that you get the greatest oral care.

Emergency Care

Have you ever seen someone with a missing tooth? Perhaps they had a chip in one of their teeth instead. Chances are, there are not many cases that you can think of where someone with these issues visible. That’s because more than likely it was dealt with by a clinic that offers immediate responses. If you don’t know of a location that can provide this sort of care at a moment’s notice, you could end up with that chip or that missing tooth for a few days, maybe even a week.

It’s absolutely critical to get the care you need as fast as possible because compromised teeth can lead to more damage in other areas of the mouth. To avoid getting more infectious conditions or perhaps permanently damaging the tooth, make sure you have an emergency clinic like Gentle Dental saved in your contacts. Even if it has never happened to you, it’s always a good idea to stay on the safe side.

Root Canals Can Save Your Teeth

The term root canal by our Cinco Ranch emergency dentist sounds frightening for patients to hear. Dental technology has come so far that we promise your experience will not be as bad as you might think. The right anesthetics will allow the root canal to be done with little to no pain in most cases.

Removing impacted wisdom teeth is another example of emergency dentistry

First, we will numb the tooth with a local anesthetic to start the procedure. Our dentist will drill down into the tooth to open the canal that holds the root of the tooth. The tissue will be taken out and the canal will have to undergo cleaning. After the infection is out, space will be filled with a sealant we call gutta-percha. The tooth that has had this procedure will have a made-to-measure crown. This will improve the look of the tooth. There will be some soreness after the procedure but that is normal for most patients.

So many patients put off having a root canal because of fear. The pain that you might feel during this experience is not as bad as the pain you will feel if you don’t take action. You can then enjoy all the foods you love without any pain from heat, cold, or biting too hard. This is not something to ignore.

Oral Surgery by the Gentle Dental Experts

An emergency dentist near me Katy TX can perform oral surgery needs. A tooth with an impaction is just one of many conditions that will require oral surgery. The most common oral surgery is the removal of the wisdom teeth. These third molars do not have enough room within the jawline to emerge. Often, one or more of these molars fails to emerge in proper alignment. They can get stuck between the jawbone and the gum tissue.

If these wisdom teeth are left, they can sometimes lead to cysts or tumors forming inside the mouth. As a result, sections of the jaw will be a problem. This does not often require an emergency dentist near me Katy TX but Gentle Dental will suggest they be surgically taken out. Call Gentle Dental today to set up an appointment. Start addressing your dental needs so you can begin to feel better.

Get the whole family on a Dental Program

A dental program is essential to healthy teeth and gums. You don’t want to get to the point where you have to see our emergency dentist near me Katy TX. When you gain access to our clinic, you also get access to emergency services, too. While you and your children may see a dentist at least twice a year, this is available to you at any time, which can be the difference between having teeth or losing teeth. When it comes to the regular treatment plans, you can expect the basic options of a general dentist. However, we also have specialized care that you can utilize if your condition demands it.

This is simply to raise awareness and set a good example for your children. If they are raised knowing that the best way to be prepared is to expect the unexpected, you will find that they are already exercising better oral health. These types of habits are great to instill in them at an early age. It will also help you to retain your routine as time goes by. This is the message that Gentle Dental wants to spread to the community!

Check out Gentle Dental Today

See what we are all about by checking out our website. You will see all of the services that we offer. There are hours that work with your schedule and you can even make an appointment should we not be open when you need us the most. We have two locations in west Houston. Our Katy location is at 3616 Fry Road #230 Katy TX 77449 (281) 398-6006. Our Cinco Ranch location is at 20680 Westheimer Park Suite 50 Katy TX 77450 (281) 398-3636. Call us today for the best emergency dentist near me Katy TX.

Fun Facts about Katy

  • A haunted cemetery has been known to exist in the area
  • Katy Taylor High School Football goes to state every year
  • Katy is in Texas, one of seven states with no state income tax
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