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Kids dentist Katy TX

Kids dentist Katy TX

The back molars take a beating with all the chewing that goes on. The first set of child molar come in when a child is between the ages of 5-7. The second set comes in when anywhere between the ages of 11-14. It is best to have a sealant put on by a kids dentist Katy TX when they first come in to ensure they have protection early on.

The sealant is first a liquid that is put directly on the tooth. The liquid then hardens and that creates a cushion between the tooth and any plaque, food, and bacteria. The Sealants from a kids dentist Katy TX can last up to 10 years. Once the ten-year mark is up if new sealants need to be put on the teeth again, they can be. It will depend on your dentist whether there is a need for new sealants.

A Dentist For Kids

Gentle Dental offers pediatric dentistry. It is important that children be put on a regular dental program by a kids dentist Katy TX. This consists of x-rays and cleanings. Prevention is key and the sooner children start the better. Preventing oral disease is pivotal. Cleanings every six months is essential to the health of teeth. We also have a list of services for adults including cosmetic dental options.

There are mouthguards at sporting stores across the country. There is nothing more protective than a mouth guard that fits your child’s mouth. A one-size-fits-all should not be for any mouthpiece that will protect your kid’s teeth. The mouth guards found in big retail chains do not offer the best protection like the ones from kids dentist Katy TX. 

Custom Fit Mouth Guards

If you want a high level of protection you should visit your dentist for a custom-fit mouthguard. A custom mouthguard is good to have for adults that play contact sports. The creation of this mouthguard is made with a thin plastic that is hard in order to protect teeth. The level of the thinness of this custom mouth guard makes it easy to breathe and communicate.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, Gentle Dental, a kids dentist Katy TX is the place to be! Get that sought-after smile back that you once had. We have composites and porcelain veneers that can be customized to your mouth size. Our staff will also reshape the anterior tooth contours. If you want teeth whitening services, then Gentle Dental is the right place for you to be.

Dental Restoration by Gentle Dental

Restorative dentistry is a much-needed service among patients. Our dentists can restore the appearance and function of your teeth with amalgam and composite fillings, crowns, on lays, and veneers. These are just a few of the services that we offer you. If you need restoration, then your search is over. Gentle Dental, a kids dentist Katy TX provides the services you need and the professionals you trust.

Are you missing any teeth? Gentle Dental, your primary dentist Katy TX will replace missing teeth. If you have an old bridge that needs repair then, once again, we are your personal team that can get the job done. Partial dentures and full dentures are both offered by our professionals at Gentle Dental. Dentures are a personal item. You are not going to just allow anyone to touch your mouth. Because of this, we want you to understand that we have your best interests in mind.

Kids Dentist Katy TX

Alternative to Braces

Aligners by Gentle Dental and our Katy TX kids dentist is an option. As a result, this is an alternative to traditional braces for adults. Aligners are practically invisible and can be taken out for eating, brushing and flossing. This is just one removable appliance option.

Expanders for your Teeth

Removable space maintainers are made with an acrylic base. They fit over the jaw and have plastic or wire branches between specific teeth to keep the space between them open. Our team of Katy TX kids dentist suggests a palatal expander. This will widen the arch of your upper jaw. This is a plastic plate that fits over the roof of your mouth. Therefore, outward pressure is applied to the plate by screws. This will force the joints in the bones of the palate to open lengthwise, widening the palatal area.

Removable retainers are worn on the roof of your mouth. As a result, these devices prevent shifting of your teeth back to their original position. Our Katy TX kids dentist can modify these retainers to prevent thumb sucking in younger patients. Gentle Dental has a team of experts that will carefully assess your unique needs.

What is the Head Gear?

Consequently, headgear is a strap that is going around the back of the head. This will attach to a metal wire in front. The headgear will slow the growth of the upper jaw. This device will also hold the back teeth steady while the front teeth move back with force.

Our team will submit your insurance forms for you and help you recover the most from your benefits. As a result, our Katy TX kids dentist will do everything we can to help you afford the treatment you need and want. For patients that need major dental work, a complete payment plan will be drawn up. This plan will include an appropriate payment schedule.

Kids Dentist Katy TX

Care for your teeth and gums starts at home. You must form the discipline to brush and floss daily. This is the best way to take care of your teeth. As a result, you will maintain good oral hygiene. You don’t want to attract gingivitis. What is gingivitis you ask? Our Katy TX kids dentist has the perfect explanation.

Gingivitis is a result of bacteria that surrounds your teeth and enters your gums. You will begin to feel irritated and see inflammation around your gums. You will often see blood when you brush your teeth. Hence, part of the Gentle Dental prevention method includes regular hygiene visits. Our hygiene team will teach you the proper techniques to avoid these painful situations.

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