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Lowering Your Child’s Anxiety about Going to the Dentist

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We make sure your children’s visit to the dentist is a pleasant one.

Child’s Anxiety

Just the thought of going to the dentist is enough for some children to have an anxiety attack. Others will enjoy their trip to the dentist. What is it that provokes fear in children about the dentist?

Let’s be honest. No one is thrilled to have a stranger poking around their mouth, cleaning their teeth, and filling cavities. However, when you find the right dentist, those fears and anxieties can be put to rest. It is easier for adults than for children.

The Importance of Dental Cleaning for Children

Even though your child may experience anxiety before a dentist visit, it is important to weigh that against future health issues. Children have weaker immune systems, so the moment their dental health begins to deteriorate there could appear potential health issues on the horizon.

Many pediatric dentists will have a separate area where children have their teeth cleaned. Some offices will even have toys, stuffed animals, and video games. These can serve as distractions for the child.

If you are looking for a dentist that is great with children and understands their anxiety, consider booking an appointment at Gentle Dental. For years we have been helping children keep their teeth clean and free from cavities.

By bringing your child to a professional dentist, you are paving the way for a positive dental routine in the future. There is also the added advantage of their dentist finding issues before they grow out to severe.

Make the Dentist a Positive Experience

First and foremost, it is essential to keep dental appointments a positive experience for your child. Furthermore, although your child may shed tears over going into the dentist’s room without you, it is important to trust the dental hygienists.

Most pediatric dentists will even require that parents remain in the waiting room unless a more serious issue arises. If your child continues to cry and will not settle down after a few minutes, the hygienist might call you back.

Additionally, many dentists will allow a parent to be present while their child is being prepared for tooth removal or cavity filling. Whatever the situation may be, keep in mind pediatric dentists are trained to work with children.

Choose Gentle Dental for Your Child!

Gentle Dental has served thousands of families in the Greater Houston area. We live up to our name as gentle dentistry where children feel comfortable. Our team loves working with children, and we hope you will make an appointment for yours!

For more information about our services and locations, visit our website! You can also speak with a friendly customer service representative by calling (281) 855-1100.

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