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There are many benefits to having a Dentist Near Me 77354. For one, you save a lot of time when your dentist is near your home, school, or work. When a dental office is far away, you spend more time traveling than in the actual dentistry! Furthermore, you might be late for your appointment or spend unnecessary time away from work due to traffic. However, you may have been considering a dentist farther away from where you spend most of your time. You’re trying to weigh the costs versus the benefits and make the best decision. You haven’t found a dentist near me that you truly want to schedule an appointment with.

Have you heard of Gentle Dental Care? Not only are we nearby, but we also have any of the dental services you would need. Furthermore, we accept most major dental insurance providers’ plans. Therefore, if you were traveling farther away just to visit a dentist that accepts your dental insurance, save yourself time by coming to your nearby Gentle Dental instead. We have seven different dental offices, so if you ever move or change jobs, we’ll still be there to help you. There are many reasons to make Gentle Dental Care your new dentistry of choice, and we’ll explain a few of those reasons below.

Dentist Near Me 77354

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Emergency Dental Care

If you suddenly injure your mouth or lose your teeth in a ba fall or accident, who would you call? Chances are, you don’t know. If you do have an answer, it’s probably not a dentist. While your family may offer you support and assistance, they can’t save your teeth or repair your mouth as a dentist can. In fact, even an emergency room door probably won’t be able to help you. Dentists specialize in teeth, gum, and mouth health. Thus, if you have an emergency with your gum, teeth, or mouth, you should call a dentist.

However, if your dental emergency occurs after-hours, your current dentist (if you have one) might not answer the phone. That’s why you need Gentle Dental Care. We always have someone available to help you with any dental emergency that may arise. We provide emergency care 24 hours, 7 days a week. You don’t want to waste time if you suddenly lose a tooth or discover an infection. Instead, call our dental office and we’ll tell you the best steps to take. Fortunately, because we’re a dentist’s office near me, you won’t even have to travel far for treatment. A close dental office can make a big difference during an emergency!

Dental Financing

A lot of individuals and families don’t have dental insurance. However, we don’t think that should keep anyone from taking care of their oral health. In addition to accepting most provider’s dental insurance plans, we offer dental financing. We’ve partnered with CareCredit to bring you this service. CareCredit is a leading medical financing services company, and we can offer affordable flexible payment terms. Whether you need a procedure as fast and simple as sealants to a more complicated oral surgery, our dental financing can help you pay for it.

Custom Mouthguards

If you or your child are athletes or participate in any contact sport, you need a custom mouthguard. We mold our mouthguards to fit the individual, putting them one step above the generic store option. Because the mouthguard is custom fit, the thin and durable material is also breathable. This added comfort can make a difference during a sports game. Furthermore, our mouthguards aren’t bulky, so they don’t inhibit speaking. You can still clearly call plays and speaks with the coach or refs without having to stick a dirty hand in your mouth to remove the guard.

Similarly, our night guards are custom-molded for each person. Nightguards can prevent nightly grinding, which can lead to more serious issues. In addition to wearing down teeth, teeth grinding can cause the structure of the jaw to change and the teeth to sit in the mouth differently. You may experience jaw pain and headaches long throughout the day if you grind your teeth at night. Our night guards act as a buffer between your two sets of teeth, preventing teeth and bone damage. If you’re still having trouble with grinding, even when awake, consider our TMJ Therapy.

Dentist Near Me 77354

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Services for all Ages

No matter what age you are, you can benefit from Gentle Dental Care services. We recommend bi-annual teeth cleanings as soon as teeth begin to come in. Proper brushing is the first line of defense when it comes to preventing oral health issues. However, even the most advanced electric toothbrush isn’t going to remove plaque and biofilm as well as a skilled hygienist. Neglecting regular dental cleanings can result in cavities and gum disease, even if you brush and floss twice per day.

Youth Services

As a child, a Gentle Dental Care patient will benefit from sealants. Sealants protect the tooth with a clear coating. While a child still learns proper brushing and follows up with routine dental cleanings, sealants keep the back teeth safe from damage for up to ten years. If the child has an accident, we can repair chipped or broken teeth. If the child needs braces, we can install those as well. In his or her late teens, wisdom teeth may begin to erupt. We perform wisdom tooth extractions, so all that money spent on braces doesn’t go to waste.

Adult Dental Care

As an adult, our full range of services is available to you. If you want to change the appearance of your teeth, we have over ten services that can help with that. Some procedures, such as dental implants, are invasive. others, like our ZOOM! whitening method, take less than an hour. We’ll discuss your needs and priorities with you in more detail and we can both decide the best cosmetic or restorative procedure for you. As you age and begin to lose teeth, we’ll provide dentures.

Dentist Near Me 77354

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Gentle Dental Care is here for all of your gentle dental care needs. If you want procedures with minimal pain that take minimal time, call us today at (281) 252-0055 to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can schedule your appointment online. We’re the best Dentist Near Me 77354 you’ll find and you’ll see why when you visit our office!

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