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Gentle Dental Care is the best Magnolia Emergency Dentist. Having a healthy smile is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem. Proper flossing and brushing daily are proactive ways of preventing your smile from deteriorating. Unfortunately, we can’t always control what happens to our teeth. Sometimes emergencies will happen instead of general dental work, and Gentle Dental Care in and Spring and Kelin, Texas is here to assist you.

There are many ways to damage your teeth, whatever the case may be, we are here to provide our services in order to help you get back to smiling. Sometimes you may not even be aware of your dental problems, so we created a list to help you. If you experience any of the problems before or any dental issue, visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Loose Tooth

Magnolia Emergency Dentist

Experienced Magnolia Emergency Dentist

An adult should never experience wiggly or loose teeth. When you reach a certain age, your teeth should be properly matured and grown into sturdy tools to help you eat, speak and live a healthy life. If you begin to notice looseness in some of your teeth, there are a few possible explanations. One possible reason could be that the loose teeth may be a result of a tooth injury. This is normally very painful for patients and requires medical attention immediately.

The injury could have stemmed from many sources,  but the main thing is making sure that your teeth are strong and intact. Even if they appear to be safe and sound, you may want to have a dentist take a professional look at your teeth to make sure they are healthy and strong. A dentist would check for any nerve or jaw damage. Treatment for nerve or jaw damage is imperative to prevent the condition from worsening.

Another possible source for the loose tooth is a localized infection. The only way to prove it is an infection is by having a dentist take a look at it. If the loose tooth or teeth are causing you toothaches, you could be experiencing symptoms of an infection, either by a form of gum disease or dental caries. Early treatment can prevent the infection from spreading and can help you save your teeth from extraction.

Severe Toothaches

Depending on the severeness of a toothache, there could be an indication of a serious problem and a visit to the dentist would be ideal. A professional diagnosis of your toothache is vital in determining the source. This will lead to better treatments that will focus on the exact source.

The ideal scenario would be preventing a toothache but we understand that life throws some curveball at times. In some cases, lifestyle choices and habits can affect your teeth gradually and before you know it, you notice a very severe toothache. If your toothache pain has increased in severity, it is probably time to see your dentist. Another serious sign is if the pain lingers after sensing certain temperatures or textures.

Aching and Bleeding Gums

Seeing your gums floss is usually not a good sign, Aching and/or bleeding gums could be an indication of early gum disease or gingivitis. If the aching or bleeding is excessive, recurring, and long-lasting, then you should definitely give that problem your full attention.

Magnolia Emergency Dentist

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These could be possible signs of gum disease. Assumptions are not a good alternative to a dentist’s examination. A dentist will take tests to pinpoint the exact source of your problem. Catching signs of gum disease early is vital in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and safe. Gum disease normally occurs in stages, which means that if diagnosed late, it could leave patients with the inability to restore their teeth back to their healthy state.

Swelling of the Jaw

If you experience swelling in the jaw, this could be an indication of an infection. One of the possible sources is salivary gland infection. Signs such as swelling in the jaw, bad taste, fever, trouble breathing or swallowing, are all causes for emergency dental assistance. An infection in the salivary gland is normally a bacterial infection that stems from the blockage of your salivary glands. A blockage will prevent your saliva from doing its job, which is breaking down food and washing away bacteria. You’ll want to have this uncommon infection examined by a dentist to avoid leaving anything untreated.

Sudden Loss of Sensitivity

If you were experiencing a painful toothache and suddenly seize to feel anything at all, take some action. This could be a sign of an infection that has spread to the root of your tooth. Having zero sensitivity in your tooth and never a good sign. It could mean that an abscess has spread to your root where your nerves are located. This usually means that a root canal will be required. You should definitely not ignore toothaches, as they can indicate potential dental issues that may require emergency care.

Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral health can bring many benefits to your life. For a start, you’ll have a better brighter smile, which will increase your confidence and self-esteem. Here’s a list of several benefits that come with good dental habits.

Saving Money

Receiving frequent high-quality dental care will go a long way in saving you money. Routine cleanings and check-ups will likely help prevention, which is less expensive than a cure. Preventing major problems with regular dental visits will save you lots of money in the long run.

Magnolia Emergency Dentist

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Fresh Breath

Nobody wants to be that person with the bad breath. Frequent dental visits will prevent your mouth from smelling. A good tip is to brush twice daily and prevent rubbish from accumulating.

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is the inflammation of gums due to the accumulation of plaque around your teeth. The plaque is an accumulation of food and bacteria, which needs to be cleaned out daily by flossing and brushing daily.

Magnolia Emergency Dentist

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