Magnolia General Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for a Magnolia General Dentist Near Me, Gentle Dental can be here for you. We are fully equipped to handle all of your general dentistry needs. In the case that you are in need of any dental care, we can help. All you need to do is get us on the phone or send us an appointment request to get started.

General dentistry applies to many aspects of dental care. These processes are usually the most commonly practiced due to high demand. For example, you’ve probably heard of root canals several times, and you might have had cleanings done before. These are examples of very common dental procedures. Some are more invasive and demanding than others, so make sure you are paying close attention when we describe some aspects of general dentistry for you. After all, knowing more can only benefit you in the long-run.

Magnolia General Dentist Near Me

Gentle Dental has seven locations within Texas alone which are geared toward your better interest. It is our honor and motivation to ensure that everyday people have access to affordable dental care and quality results. Your health should be very important to you, and a major aspect of your health in your mouth. All food and liquid you consume pass through your mouth. You also use it to speak and smile. Your teeth, should they become infected or painful or stained, require attention just like the rest of you.

Furthermore, your gums can become diseased as well. Should an infection spread to your throat or bloodstream, your life can be changed by an untreated mouth. That’s why dental care is so important. It also affects your bite, the comfort of your teeth, and their cosmetic appearance. Instead of pretending that they’re not there, you should pay your teeth the attention they deserve.

Our family practice is focused on the well-being of our community. If you come to us, we can promise that you won’t get better service elsewhere. Because of this, you should know that you can rely on us for your dental care.

General Cosmetic Dentistry

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Magnolia General Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves anything that is meant more for appearance than function. For example, tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry. This is because this process is purely meant to remove stains and make your teeth a lighter shade. Tooth whiteness has no practical application other than giving you a bright smile.

Meanwhile, bonding is also a cosmetic procedure while still being practical. Through bonding, a dentist can seal cracks and gaps in your teeth, but this also improves the appearance of your smile. Veneers, in contrast, are placed over your teeth for mostly appearances only. They can help you fix visual issues such as staining, cracking, or misalignment. In a way, these are like little masks for your teeth. Lumineers are almost exactly the same except they are very, very thin. This makes the application a much easier process.

Treating Infection

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We can help you treat an infection

Preventing infection starts with dental hygiene. Cleanliness can prevent plaque build-up as well as issues caused by food particles. For example, brushing your teeth after eating something full of sugar can prevent cavities from being fed. Also, plaque build-up being washed away can keep you out of trouble with gum disease, which can have very serious consequences.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, start with a plaque build-up. Once the plaque has been established, the bacteria within it can begin infecting your gums. This disease can cause bleeding, pain, abscesses, bad breath, and tooth loss. Should you suspect that you have gum disease, you will need it to be checked out immediately. We can get you feeling healthy again.

Root canals are another very popular procedure. These are done to save your infected teeth. In the case that you have a severely infected tooth, the pulp and root underneath it become diseased. If you are not careful, this can spread to other parts of your mouth and body. In order to take care of this problem, your dentist will drill into your tooth and remove the infected pulp. After that, they will likely place a cap over your tooth so that it can heal without getting anything caught in it.


If you must have a tooth removed, its not the end of the world. We can place a tooth, called an implant, into your mouth to replace the missing one. This way, you don’t lose any of the functions in your mouth or jaw. It turns out that missing teeth can cause jaw weakness over time. To avoid this, many dentists advise implants, or at the very least, bridges to be placed over the empty spot. This way, you are not sacrificing any of your functionality.

Gentle Dental can give you all the care you will need at this time. Whether or not it’s a simple fix, we can walk you through the entire process. Come to us for cosmetic dentistry, surgical procedures, emergency dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Gentle Dental is fully equipped to handle anything when it comes to your teeth.

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Magnolia General Dentist Near Me

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  • The official host of the Renaissance Festival in Texas
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