Magnolia Texas Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Are you looking for a Magnolia Texas pediatric dentist near me to deal with your child’s cavities? At Gentle Dental, our dentists work well with young children. We have a variety of solutions for cavities. Additionally, we can prevent cavities from forming in the future. Visit us today or call to schedule an appointment for crowns, fillings, and more.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may not know if your child has cavities. You may not even be sure what cavities are and how children develop them. Even adults get cavities! Some of the information below can help you make sure that your teeth grow strong and healthy as well. Both you and your child can prevent cavities with little knowledge about the best dental practices. However, cavities can still happen. Regular dental visits can help you stay up-to-date on your family’s dental health. Furthermore, at Gentle Dental, we can prevent cavities from becoming even bigger problems.

What Are Cavities?

A cavity is a form of tooth decay. Specifically, a cavity is a hole that develops in the tooth. Cavities can arise as a result of several different factors. To put it simply, plaque that stays on your teeth breaks down your tooth’s enamel. Tiny holes form and these holes get bigger with time. If left untreated, cavities grow wider and deeper. If a cavity is left untreated for too long, it can reach the nerves of the tooth. This is usually the point at which someone starts to have a toothache. Cavities can become very serious issues and can even cause mouth infection, damage to other teeth, and even affect how you chew food.

Ultimately, cavities are caused by plaque. Plaque develops from the food and saliva in your mouth. Even when you swallow food, tiny particles stay behind and stick to your teeth. Plaque also contains bacteria, and this bacteria is what eats away at your teeth. Plaque forms and accelerates rapidly. Every time you eat or drink something other than water, plaque forms. Therefore, the best way to fight plaque is to brush your teeth after every meal or drink. However, the chances that someone has the time or ability to fully brush their teeth three to five times per day is highly unlikely. At the least, you should brush your teeth twice per day. Only brushing teeth once per day gives plaque and bacteria up to 24 full hours to populate and erode your enamel.

Magnolia Texas Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Magnolia TX Pediatric Dentistry

Solutions and Prevention For Cavities and Unhealthy Teeth

At Gentle Dental, we perform dental services to handle cavities. One of the most common pediatric dentist procedures we perform for kids with cavities is crowns. A crown is a cap that we put over a tooth to prevent further decay. Because plaque can’t reach the tooth, it doesn’t wear the tooth down. We ensure that our crowns fit properly in your child’s mouth. Furthermore, crowns made of porcelain blend in with the rest of your child’s teeth. Crowns are very durable and can last up to 15 years. However, if you need crows for your child’s baby teeth, you won’t need a crown for even half that long. However, placing a crown over your child’s baby tooth prevents gum and nerve damage. Furthermore, the crown can ensure that his or her adult teeth grow in properly by preventing any further damage. 

In the future, you can prevent cavities by maintaining a teeth-healthy diet. Try to limit sticky, sugary foods, because they stick on the teeth and accelerate plaque development. Try to get your child to drink water, especially in-between meals, instead of sugary drinks. Also, limiting snacking can help. The more often you eat, the more fuel you add to the tire in terms of plaque and bacteria repopulation. If you have infants, do not give them bedtime bottles. Also, remove bottles once your child begins falling asleep. Incomplete swallowing causes a drink to sit in the mouth and feeds plaque. Yes, even infants can develop cavities! In most cases, you don’t have to necessarily change what your child eats to have good oral health. Instead, change how often and when they eat, and if possible, make sure that they brush their teeth afterward.

Magnolia Texas Pediatric Dentist Near Me

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Prevent Kids from Cavities with Gentle Dental’s Help

At Gentle Dental, we place sealants on children’s adult teeth to prevent them from developing cavities. Our sealants are clear and you won’t be able to distinguish them from the tooth. Sealants, like crowns, prevent teeth from developing cavities or prevent the cavities from progressing. Plaque is unable to penetrate the tooth and cause any damage. Sealants last a decade and are a worthy investment when it comes to your child’s affordable dental health. For example, if you lose dental insurance for a few years, sealants can help your child keep strong and healthy teeth in between those bi-annual teeth cleanings.

Speaking of teeth cleanings, one of the best way to prevent cavities is to make sure your child’s teeth are cleaned by a dental hygienist at least every six months. Brushing twice per day can keep the plaque at bay. However, your child needs a professional to get the plaque that your toothbrush left behind. We have the tools to give your kid’s mouth a “reset,” which goes a long way in preventing cavities. In the worst-case scenario, we’re able to spot small cavities so that you can take care of them sooner than later. Our teeth cleanings are quick and pain-free. Your kid won’t dread going to Gentle Dental every six months!


Magnolia Texas Pediatric Dentist Near Me

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How Gentle Dental Kids Dentist Near Me Can Help

At Gentle Dental, we provide the dental services that you need to handle your child’s cavities and prevent others from occurring. Furthermore, we recommend that you come in for a dental check-up. Putting off a dentist visit can just make problems worse, and more expensive, in the long run. You can call us at (281) 252-0055 or use our online system to schedule an appointment today! Our trained staff provides dental services that involve little to no pain during or after the procedure. Your child needs dental care with Gentle in the name. If you need a Magnolia Texas Pediatric Dentist near me for your child’s cavities, Gentle Dental Care is who to call.

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