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Are you aware of a Magnolia TX dentist near me that offers specialized care? Most of the dental offices that are in the area will offer you only the basics or perhaps extend to orthodontics. They probably don’t provide as extensive care as we do, and that’s because we make sure that our work goes above and beyond. When you get a program plan from Gentle Dental, you will find that you access to a plethora of different services. This will range from the most basic such as orthodontics to the most severe of treatments, such as oral surgery. However, regardless of the severity, they are all serviced by some of the most qualified practitioners in the city!

General Dentistry

When you think about the basic checkups that you go to around twice a year, you can consider that to be general dentistry at its finest. It comes complete with the typical checks on health and a nice whitening. For Gentle Dental, options that you can expect to see in general dentistry are as follows:

Dental Hygiene

This refers to the cleanings and whitening that you get on your routine checkup. The nurse or dentist fill floss and scratch off any layers of plaque that have accumulated overtime on the surface of your teeth. They will also be looking into the health of each tooth to discern whether there are cavities needing to be filled or perhaps sealants needed to protect the teeth from further damage.

Root Canals

In the event that there are cavities, or decay has gone far enough into the tooth that it has infected the root, you can also receive treatment from this branch. Root Canals involve clearing out the root of the infected pulp, to refill it and protect it from further damage.

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While it is an endodontic procedure because it does require a little specialization, it is so common that your dentist is usually capable of handling these treatments. With today’s technology though, it may come as a relief to know that they are both relatively painless and fast to complete.


If you have ever lost teeth, and are still living with gaps today, there is a solution for you! We offer bridges which are essentially replicas of teeth that can fill the gap of your missing teeth. We will start by taking molds of your teeth. Then after placing a temporary bridge, for the time being, we mold the permanent bridge which will be able to take the same force of a real tooth and serve as your new replacement.


This is the treatment that is used after a root canal. It will take the place of your tooth due to damage, decay or the aftermath of a root canal. They are going to take a few visits to totally finish the procedure since there have to be molds taken in order to make the fully functioning crown for permanent use.

Specialized Care

There are other aspects of our dental clinic that can go beyond the usual treatments. They are reserved for patients that need more unique care. Whether that be for their teeth, gums, nerves, or bones, it can be treated at Gentle Dental. We are routinely providing services for patients who have basic to severe cases and require immense specialization. Those consist of the branches that are listed below:


You may have heard of braces, it is one of the most common treatments that a person can receive whether they are young or old. It is a great option for people with uneven or crooked teeth and has to reorient them. Typically they will provide these services in the highest volume, but they also serve other areas of the mouth. This can refer to the pain they have in their jaw. Conditions such as TMJ are also regularly treated by an orthodontist.

Tray whitening is a very simple process


Protecting the gums are also very important. So much so that they have their own unique branch of dentistry dedicated to them as well. The main services that you can expect to see in this area will cover screenings for issues such as gum disease or even potential oral cancer. It will also focus on the angle of the bite that is a result of crowded, uneven or missing teeth. They will ensure that your gums are strong, healthy, and in the proper position.

Oral Surgery

This branch will deal with the common issues that you hear about dentistry. Unfortunately, that does not mean that they will be the most pain-free treatments. In fact, services like wisdom tooth removal and teeth extraction are usually the exact opposite. They will mark the end of pain though, as most cases requiring tooth removals are due to immense pain in the first place. Of course, this can also refer to bone grafting and dental implants as well. Whenever you need to search elsewhere a stronger set of teeth, Gentle Dental is here to provide you the solutions.

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Financing Options

We’re sure you’ll be happy to know that we accept most insurance plans! This is to ensure our clients that we want to support them with dental care in a way that does not break the bank. To emphasize that, we also have options for financing that newcomers and regular clients alike can take up. We want to provide the benefits of dentistry to the entire community, not just one area. Let us provide great dental care to you and your family next!

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