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Searching for a Magnolia TX dentist office near me? There could be many reasons why you are looking for a new dental clinic. Your child could need a new plan that fits their schedule, or you may just be looking for more services so you don’t have to go to more than one location for dental care. There is a Gentle Dental clinic in your area that can help you do just that. We ensure that you can get highly-specialized dental care from professionals who have spent years working in their field. We want to provide care for the community in a way that is comprehensive and supportive in every aspect of dentistry. Children need to be on a dental plan that will protect them from future problems and so do you! Join the clinic that will actually take care of you!

Services Offered By Our Magnolia TX Dentist Office Near Me

Whether you are working on a long term dental goal, or you need immediate care, we can provide either. The more specific cases require far more specialized attention. That is one of the features that is highlighted at Gentle Dental, and it truly comes in handy. Many cases of people that need that extra care getting forced to go to other places can look bad on an organization. It’s far better to support all of the care that the patient requires. Whether it is a simple cleaning or work with TMJ. The capabilities at Gentle Dental go as far as dentistry can reach.

Endodontics, Periodontics & Orthodontics

The process that you can expect from a general dental practitioner is not going to be as extensive as you could receive from a specialized dentist. In fact, some of the most common operations and procedures that you hear about are not from general dentistry at all. Treatments such as root canals, braces, and even wisdom teeth are actually in branches such as endodontics or orthodontics, and they routinely require dentists of a higher caliber. Those in particular who have studied the extra 3-4 years for the certifications.


This is a branch that typically regards the preservation of the tooth. When you think about your mouth, you usually break it down into the gums, the tongue, and the teeth. However, it goes a lot deeper than that. Endodontics refers to the study of the internal properties of the tooth. They will be the ones performing root canals and focus primarily on saving your tooth for future use.

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The gums are also incredibly necessary in the oral cavity. They have some of the most important responsibilities, in fact. It may be hard to believe that our gums are holding all of our teeth in place, but it’s true! When in combination with the jaw bone, the teeth are secured and ready to bite into the chewiest jerky.

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Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most popular, of specialized treatments is orthodontics. There is no doubt that the orthodontist usually has a full schedule every day they come into work. They have a large role to play in both functional and aesthetic aspects of oral care. That can either refer to their use of braces to move and shift teeth, but it can also touch on the mouth guards and occlusal alignments that they can perform. That consists of changing angles of bites, fixing grinding, and other troublesome issues like TMJ.

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Do You Need Cosmetic Surgery?

There are plenty of instances where dental care can be purely cosmetic. It doesn’t have to be life-saving to get service provided to your teeth. In some cases, it can certainly make a huge difference, to say the least. Options that you might consider can range from Veneers, which are custom make shells of tooth-like materials. They will cover the front surface of the teeth. They’ll do best for issues like permanent stains or chipped teeth.

Other options like bridges or crowns can help fix those smaller issues like cavities or replace the gap of missing teeth. It can be very important after a traumatic incident to retain the visual identity of someone or provide them with the ability to eat solid foods. Of course, it is not always so serious, it can help a lot if someone messed up a trick on the skateboard and knocked out a tooth by accident, also.

This is a cosmetic procedure that not only improves the look of your teeth after they have been damaged but can restore them if they have been lost altogether. Our staff has seen many cases of patients who were unhappy with their smile. However, they have also seen those same patients walk out with the most confident they’ve ever had! Simply put, we offer solutions to enhance your appearance just as much as your health.

Enhance Your Smile At A Gentle Dental Magnolia TX Dentist Office Near Me

The purpose of this is to change the shape, surface or length of your tooth. A Magnolia TX dentist office near me offers so many services for everyone so that you will be comfortable in your own skin once again. Tiny changes can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. While it is hard to trust your mouth to just anyone, Gentle Dental is the group that patients trust. In addition to that, we also offer financing options for people who think they may not be able to afford dental care.

Our goal is to extend the benefits of dentistry to the entire community. That’s why we have made several different avenues that can potentially make it easier for clients and newcomers. Set up an appointment or possibly look into our other options. Our Magnolia TX dentist office near me practice is located at 18252 FM 1488 Suite 120 Magnolia TX 77354. You can also reach us by phone at (281) 252-0055. Trust your dental needs to the professionals at Gentle Dental Care today!

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