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Did you know you can receive a number of treatments from Emergency Dentist Near Me 77449? These are not going to consist of general dentistry, though. The result is going to be more specific treatments. These are strictly intended to secure the patient’s health and maintain it. We will list some of the options that you can get help with below. The treatments we describe are going to be the most common and effective treatments that we provide. Our team has performed many of these procedures on dozens of clients in the past, both in the day and now at night. All you have to do is give us a call!

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Even if our dental offices are closed, you can still get emergency dental services from our dental care center near you.

Why Would You Need An Emergency Dentist Near Me 77449?

We will only be able to deal with certain circumstances that could force you to receive emergency treatment. These are not going to be the normal situations that you might think of. In fact, most of the time something very bad will have had to have gone wrong or problems that could simply not wait any longer. There are many instances where persistent issues become impossible to disregard or ignore any longer.

Was It A Car Accident?

A car is a huge and heavy piece of machinery. The result of them crashing at high speeds can be incredibly dangerous in some extreme cases, fatal. There are many instances though where the injuries they sustain are purely cosmetic. The problem is there may not be a dentist at the hospital. This can create huge problems and you probably need some dental treatment because your face gets a lot of force. Imagine the strength of a complete stop in the car and your face hits the airbag or the steering wheel.

In order to protect the health of the patient, we may have to reconstruct their face entirely. The teeth are going to need a lot of work again in order to look normal. This can include veneers, bridges, and crowns, as well as tooth removals and anything that you might require.

It can be quite unexpected, but our dentist’s work hard to make sure the final result is beautiful. This is often a very traumatic issue and it’s important to keep our patients satisfied and comfortable. We don’t want our customers to face problems such as this. Auto accidents are bad and can be very costly, so don’t let your appearance be a problem. We can at the very least take care of this for you.


When our offices are closed, scheduling an appointment might be difficult but you can still get our emergency care.

Sports Injuries

This may include any occurrence that involved a sport and resulted in an accident. You might play rugby, football, baseball or lacrosse. There are other cases like basketball or swimming, too. It could’ve been a natural situation where you hit your face on the ground. This could be a result of being at the pool, as a dive might take you too close to the bottom.

Other cases may involve the way you impact other people. Another player’s mistake may have caused a ball to hit you in the mouth. You may have fallen due to a tackle, tripping or other complication. If the end result is a mouth injury, then you could contact our services. These are great times to get our emergency assistance.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Growing In

In some cases, your wisdom teeth could be the cause. They could impact other teeth, too. One of the problematic issues is when they are breaking through the surface of the gums. This is when dentists recommend that you should get them removed because it can cause a ton of pain. We will be here to help if your wisdom teeth grow in at a bad time of the day!

What Treatments Could This Need?

Let’s say from any of the options above, you needed treatment to get healthy again. We would be able to provide you with some of these services below to help. Many of the issues that you may have thought would arise in the earlier scenarios will be able to get fixed from these procedures.

You Could Need A Tooth Removal

It could be a very effective option in the event that your car accident was very serious. These are going to be necessary for situations that are severe. There are other cases where you may simply need a tooth extracted. However, it is always going to a meticulous process.

The result of impacted teeth or damaged teeth within the gum can lead to further complications. If the damage is too severe, it will be better for us to simply remove the tooth. You will be given all of the necessary care to make sure this is as painless as possible. Regardless, it will be quite an intense situation.

Oral Surgery Is Also At The Ready

In the event that your sports injury becomes more severe, we may have to perform surgery. This will regard any of the other treatments that you could receive. If you were hit in the mouth, it could be a round of stitches that you require. Really though, this could refer to any sorts of issues.

Whether they are cuts or abscesses that are bleeding out in the mouth. It could also be in regards to growth such as a tumor, or high pressure in your joints that needs to be treated immediately. There could be dozens of reasons and dozens of treatments. The scenario will usually dictate the severity of the accident, and it could turn out to be an issue with your wisdom teeth. Either way, we will have the ability to help.

We can provide more than the local dentist, our dental clinic in Katy TX will provide you with urgent care whether it is for crowns and bridges or root canal therapy.

Maybe You Need Aid Rebuilding Your Tooth? 

In either circumstance, whether it is your auto-injury or from sports or just an accident of any nature, this will probably be the most common service you will receive. If you chip or crack your tooth, you can get the services you need to fix it all from our emergency room. These are common but very important procedures.

Most cracks or broken teeth can lead to tooth exposures. There is a risk of infection spreading when the exposure is present and our dentists want to protect that. The problem with this area is that it can have bacteria so you have to hurry. In some cases, if the roots of the tooth are vulnerable, you can get sick. In order to avoid that, we want to ensure that we can treat your teeth as fast as possible.

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You probably think the Emergency Dentist Near Me 77449 is not going to be available. However Gentle Dental will make sure we are on call when you need us. We believe that there is always some sort of help that we can provide. Our goal is to reduce our patient’s pain and increase their lifestyles and comfort of living for our clients. Find us in Katy or our other locations.


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