Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

Do you need Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care? Perhaps you just cracked your tooth or had some other emergency and need a dentist as soon as possible. In that case, call us at (281) 398-6006 immediately. We’ll let you know if you need affordable emergency dental care. We have several locations throughout the greater Houston area and can save your tooth.

On the other hand, you may just suspect you have a dental emergency and want to be sure. Or perhaps you want to know more about emergency dental services. You’re looking for a dental clinic that can truly do everything, including handle emergency dental situations. Gentle Dental provides an extensive range of dental services, including emergency care. We’ll tell you what to look out for so that you can tell if you’ve got an emergency on your hands.

How To Know If You Need Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

The easiest way to identify a potential dental emergency is physical damage. We consider a chipped, cracked, or knocked-out tooth to be a dental emergency. Also, when you feel pain each time you bite down on a tooth or can spot or taste an infection, you have a dental emergency. Furthermore, extreme sensitivity is a symptom of an urgent dental issue. You shouldn’t feel intense pain when eating or drinking unless something’s wrong. In particular, pay attention to the temperature of the food or drink your teeth are sensitive to. Sensitivity to hot foods versus cold can point to different dental issues. In either case, contact an emergency dental clinic such as Gentle Dental immediately.

Fortunately, you can prevent most dental emergencies. With routine checkups, we can spot potential issues and avoid a painful situation. Not only is a dental emergency frightening, but it’s also highly inconvenient. At Gentle Dental, we can help you avoid the pain a dental issue can cause, both literally and figuratively.

Other emergencies aren’t so easy to predict. For example, physical accidents and injury can occur at any time. Wearing protective gear such as mouthguards can certainly help in situations when you know your teeth at risk. However, physical mouth injury can occur when we least expect and are least prepared for it. If you lose a tooth or part of a tooth, you need emergency dental service as soon as possible. Every minute makes the difference between saving your tooth and losing it forever.

Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

Katy TX Emergency Dental Care

Most Common Dental Emergencies

You have an infection or abscess. You might describe a gum infection as “the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.” As your body attempts to heal itself, infected pus will collect in your gums. Furthermore, your gum may feel painful, sensitive, or swollen. A gum infection is a deadly emergency. Left untreated, a gum infection poses fatal consequences. You need to have the infection drained as soon as possible.

A tooth gets knocked out. A knocked-out tooth might not be lost forever, especially if you know what to do. If you lose a tooth, call Gentle Dental right away. We might be able to implant the tooth back in your mouth if it was retrieved and cared for. It’s crucial that you do not touch the root of the tooth. Rinse off the tooth but don’t scrub it. If you feel comfortable doing so, place the tooth back in your mouth and clamp down to keep it in place. If the tooth was knocked out outside or you don’t want to re-insert it, put the tooth in a container. Visiting a dentist soon enough can save you from needing a new, fake, tooth. 

You have a loose tooth. A loose or misaligned tooth could point to any number of dental issues. If possible, you can gently push the tooth back into place. However, do not apply much force. You don’t want your tooth to fall out. Try to bite down to keep the tooth in place. However, remember not to bite down too hard. Call us, and we’ll look at your loose teeth.

Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist Appointment Katy

Other types of Dental Emergencies

Your tooth just chipped or cracked. Most people consider a chipped tooth a more serious dental issue than it is. You can usually wait a while before you see a dentist for a chipped tooth. Unlike with a gum infection or removed tooth, time isn’t really of the essence. A dentist can smooth out your tooth or add a filling, but your life isn’t at risk if you have a chipped tooth.

On the other hand, a cracked tooth is a dental emergency. If your tooth has broken, the tooth might have internal damage. You may notice your tooth starts to rot if you don’t visit a dentist. Call us for an emergency appointment, and in the meantime, swish your mouth with warm water. Do not apply an oral painkiller or take aspirin. To deal with pain, you can take acetaminophen or apply a cold compress.

Facial Pain or Injury. A cut inside the mouth or on the lips or tongue might be considered a dental emergency. Call us and describe how the injury occurred, and we can let you know what needs to be done. Clean the area with warm water and place pressure on the wound with gauze. You may not need further dental care, but you should call us to be on the safe side. 

Extreme Teeth Pain. Experiencing severe tooth pain or sensitivity, you likely have a dental emergency. You might have a potentially life-threatening infection or abscess. Pay attention to the exact sensations you feel. Sensitivity to cold may have a different cause than sensitivity to warm or hot food.

Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

Dental Care for Your Entire Family

Call Us When You Need Katy Texas Emergency Dental Care

At Gentle Dental, we’ll handle your emergency dental needs. However, the first step to emergency care is preventative care. Routine check-ups and inspection can stop many oral health emergencies from ever occurring. We also provide high-quality mouth guards for athletes. Our mouthguards are superior to what you would find in a sporting goods store. Protect your unique smile with our custom-fitted mouthguards.

If you do have an emergency dental need or a chipped tooth, we also offer restorative care. Your teeth will look like nothing ever happened to them. Whether you need preventative, emergency, or restorative care, contact us. You can call us at (281) 398-6006 or schedule an appointment online.

Fun Facts About Katy Texas

  • Katy was once known for all the geese and birds that migrated there.
  • Katy’s first Rice Festival was in 1981.
  • A hurricane destroyed Katy in 1900 but many historic buildings we preserved.
  • Learn more about Katy here!