Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Are you a parent looking for a Katy TX Kids Dentist near me? Gentle Dental can provide excellent preventative and restorative care on your children’s teeth and gums. A pediatric dentist is vital for several reasons. For one, you want to ensure that your teeth have strong, healthy teeth. Additionally, teaching children while they are young to prioritize their dental hygiene is a wonderful gift to impart upon your children. Years down the line, your children will thank you for teaching them good dental hygiene and helping them develop good habits. Regular preventative trips to the dentist will save them thousands of dollars in their lifetime on costly restorative dental bills.

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding dental visits. A past visit may have been quite discouraging because the staff didn’t treat your child with the care and sensitivity that they deserved. At Gentle Dental, our staff is trained specially to work with children of all age levels and abilities. We know how outstanding service is the secret to maintaining a good relationship between dentists and patients. We place safety and comfort at the top of our priorities when it comes to dental care.

Benefits of Having a Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Dental visits usually take time away from your job and your children’s schooling. The closer your dentist is to home or school the better. Gentle Dental Care has several locations in the greater Houston area. We even have two Katy locations! No matter where your kids go to school, a Gentle Dental won’t be far. Save time by selecting a Katy TX kids dentist near me.

Another benefit of a Katy dentist is that we know the community. We love Katy and love to serve Katy families. Gentle Dental is even a family-owned and operated dentistry that’s been in operation for over 20 years. You may already know families who have chosen Gentle Dental as their family’s dental care provider. We have been serving some families for generations! Join our family today.

Our staff is unmatched in professionalism, service, and skill. Our dentists have experience working with age groups and are specially trained to work with kids. Furthermore, our bilingual staff members are available to communicate with both English- and Spanish-speaking families about all of their child’s dental health care needs. We keep the lines of communication often and keep your kids’ smiles healthy and shining.

Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

Why Parents Love Gentle Dental

You’ll love Gentle Dental because we live up to our name. We encourage and accommodate all kids, no matter their age. We know that the dentist’s office can seem like a scary place. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. We know how to create an open and encouraging environment. At Gentle Dental, our staff can accommodate all differences and make sure that the procedure is safe and as painless as possible. We believe that when your child feels relaxed, you’ll feel more relaxed. Our dentists can make each dental visit a non-stressful one.

Parents also love us because we’re one-stop dentistry. We perform a range of pediatric services, from preventative care to restorative procedures. Whatever stage of their dental journey your child is in, we make sure that their teeth are healthy and strong. You don’t have to search for several different dental offices to get a variety of services. Your 8-year-old needs a crown and your 17-year-old needs a wisdom tooth extraction? You don’t have to search for several different dental offices to get a variety of services. If you did that, you’d also have to make sure both places accept your dental insurance, check prices, times, and more. At Gentle Dental, we perform dental services for the entire family in one place.

Parents also love that we have several locations. If your situation or location changes, you don’t have to worry about finding a new service provider. You already know what you get with Gentle Dental. Furthermore, we have financing options for families without dental insurance. If you have insurance, there’s a 99% chance we accept your insurance. We know that situations change and we want to be there for you, no matter what. Our payment and location flexibility makes us an excellent option for families.

Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

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Why Kids Love Gentle Dental

Kids love Gentle Dental because we don’t hurt them. Dental visits don’t have to be painful. A bad dental experience can ruin one’s dental hygiene habits for years to come. That’s the last thing we want. We make comfort a top priority at Gentle Dental.

Ironically, kids also love us because we’re the reason they have to visit the dentist less. We offer regular cleanings that ensure that their teeth are in the best shape, preventing more serious issues later. Furthermore, we can apply sealants that last up to ten years. Sealants prevent cavities and other dental problems. Your kids won’t mind coming to the dentist. However, with our preventative services, they won’t spend more time here than they have to.

Katy TX Kids Dentist Near Me

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If you’ve been looking for a local pediatric dental care facility to treat your child with care, trust our dentists at Gentle Dental. We offer a range of services and accept nearly every major insurance provider, including Medicaid. Furthermore, with our dental financing options, there’s no reason to be behind on routine dental check-ups. We can serve your child’s dental needs from a very young age well into adulthood.

Call us today at (281) 398-6006. Alternatively, you can save some time and set an appointment online. We work with families to make sure that a family budget doesn’t get in the way of a healthy smile. We have the latest technology and procedures to ensure a fast, painless process. Your kids will ask when they’re going to the dentist again! If you’ve been looking for a Katy TX kids dentist near me, search no more. 

Fun Facts About Katy

  • Katy has over ten parks and recreation areas for outdoor fun.
  • Downtown Katy is affectionately known as “Old Town Katy.”
  • Katy’s top values include heritage and history, as you can tell by the city’s museums.
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