Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449

Did you know that a Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449 can help you maintain your child’s oral health from infancy to young adulthood? Depending on your child’s age, they may need different services. Fortunately, Gentle Dental Care offers an extensive line of dental services for people of all age groups. Youth, adults, and older adults can benefit from our services. That’s what makes Gentle Dental Care the ideal family dentistry for Katy TX families. But our impressive range of dental procedures and services isn’t the only benefit to choosing Gentle Dental Care as your primary dentistry.

We have seven locations throughout the Houston area, including two in Katy. Furthermore, most of our locations offer emergency service 24/7. You can get the same great dental service at any time if you have an unfortunate injury or accident. We accept more insurance plans than most other dentistries in the area, including Texas Medicaid and CHIP. If you don’t have a dental insurance plan for your family or adult children, consider our dental financing. We offer financing with affordable rates and flexible terms to help you pay for your child’s much-needed dental procedure. Your child deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, and we want to work with you to make that possible. If another dentistry hasn’t accepted your insurance or hasn’t covered a procedure, call us—we probably accept it!

Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449

High school kids need pediatric dentistry!

Why You Need a Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449

A pediatric dental specialist promotes your child’s oral health through prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. From cleaning to implantation, our dentists can perform and necessary procedure your child’s dental health. While we prefer to help you prevent dental issues, our dentists are also problem solvers. Your child might require different services, depending on his or her age. Below, we list a few of our services that have been particularly beneficial to children and teens.


The best thing you can do for your children’s oral health is to employ various preventative measures to ensure that their adult teeth grow properly. Temporary teeth affect the growth, placement, and health of permanent teeth. Don’t neglect your child’s gum health or may otherwise leave them exposed to potential gum disease. Teach your child how to brush their teeth well, and supervise them until you can trust them to do it on their own. These are just a few suggestions for how to care for your young child’s teeth and gums. We can discuss children’s oral health in more detail at your child’s next dental exam or dental cleaning.

Bring your children in for regular dental cleanings. In addition to brushing, professional dental cleanings are a great form of regular preventative maintenance for oral health. Furthermore, consider sealants for your child’s adult molars once they fully grow in. Sealants cover the teeth so they don’t develop cavities. Our sealants are clear and you’ll forget you’ve even had them placed on your child’s back teeth!

In case your child develops a cavity, Gentle Dental Care pediatric dentists can fit porcelain crowns over the damaged tooth. The porcelain mimics the natural tooth color so it doesn’t stick out like the classic titanium crowns. Also, if your child has an accident and chips or loses as teeth, visit us. We offer cosmetic services that can restore your child’s smile.

Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449

We prevent dental disease!


In the teen years, appearances really start to matter. While your child may not have seemed to mind their crooked smile when they were younger, they may feel differently now. You might notice that they smile less, cover their mouth when they laugh or seem to have lower self-esteem. Braces not only realign teeth but can also create a shift in terms of how your teen feels about themselves.

We have three different braces options: traditional, ceramic, and Invisalign. Our traditional braces are just like the braces you see on TV or most pictures. They’re metal, and we have different colored bands so that your teen can personalize them. However, if they want a set of braces that are a bit less obvious, they might want the ceramic option instead. Ceramic braces are similar in shape and size to traditional braces, the bands are clear or porcelain so they blend in with your child’s teeth more. If your child wants to adjust their smile but doesn’t want anyone to know they have braces, they should use Invisalign. We use 3d printing technology to create clear aligners that fit over your child’s teeth. This option is our most expensive, but don’t forget that our dental financing can help you pay for the service!

Young Adults

Even if your kid is on his or her way to college, they’re still your child. Until the age of 25, it’s likely that they’ll be covered under your insurance. While we understand that they might crave independence, they’ll thank you later for how much value you placed on having great oral health. Young adults still need routine dental cleanings. If they are away from home, schedule a dental checkup at Gentle Dental during their holiday or summer vacation.

Also, most young adults develop their wisdom teeth during this period in their lives. While some may not even notice this change, others may feel pain or sensitivity as these final molars erupt from the gums. Our dentists will take x-rays and determine the state of your young adult’s wisdom teeth. In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow in fine and don’t affect the other teeth in the mouth. However, that is not typically the case.

Instead, the wisdom teeth tend to grow in sideways or are otherwise misaligned. In this case, we’ll need to perform a wisdom tooth extraction. Otherwise, the wisdom teeth will not only cause pain but can restructure your child’s smile or in some cases even their jawline. If you paid for braces a few years early, you owe it to yourself to protect your investment. Even if your child hasn’t had prior dental work, get the wisdom tooth extraction procedure done and spare your kid the future dental bills.

Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449

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Your child deserves the care and assistance of a professional dentist, no matter how old they are. Call us today at (281) 398-6006 or schedule a dentist appointment online for your child’s next appointment! If you aren’t sure what your child needs, bring them into our office for a routine cleaning and dental exam. Our Pediatric Dental Specialist 77449 will let you know how to best care for your child’s teeth and gums.

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