Mini Implants

Mini Implants at Texas Gentle Dental

What is a Mini Implant?
Replacing a tooth with an implant is an attractive and permanent solution to an unsightly problem. However, there are instances where an implant may be too large to fit the space allotted. Mini implants are the ideal answer to this problem. A mini implant offers the same benefits of a regular dental implant with the added benefit of being able to be placed in a much narrower space.

When is a Mini Implant Used?
The primary use for a mini implant is to help patients with their upper or lower denture. In the event that an individual is missing multiple teeth, multiple mini implants are installed along the gum line. This row of four to six implants then serves as the base of a denture. Rather than replace each tooth with an individual dental implant, the denture hooks to the implants and replaces the entire row of teeth.

What are the Benefits of a Mini Implant?
When an upper or lower denture is something you are considering, a mini implant is a very attractive option. A denture lacking the stability of a micro implant must rely on either a correct fitting or epoxy. These two options both run the risk of failing. A loose denture makes eating difficult as well as increasing the potential for an embarrassing incident.

A mini implant is very easy to install. We have the ability to perform the procedure in a very quick manner. The small size of the implant eliminates the necessity for a recovery period as well as any surgical incisions. This means that your dental restoration will be completed faster.

Mini implants are very cost effective. They are much cheaper due to their smaller size. Installation is also far less expensive compared to a full sized implant. Due to the shortened installation time and lack of surgery involved, the overall costs are dramatically reduced for the patient.

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