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Post-Op Care for Tooth Extractions

After oral surgery, following the surgeon’s post-op instructions could mean the difference between infection and proper healing. It is general knowledge that most oral surgeries require anesthesia.

Therefore, it is best to have a friend or family member drive you home. Also, you will want to give yourself time to recuperate from the effects of the anesthesia. It is best to avoid driving for up to twenty-four hours post-surgery.

Post-Op Care for Tooth Extractions
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Your oral surgeon will provide you with guidelines to ensure your mouth heals properly. While soreness, bleeding, and irritation are normal for immediately following the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist if it persists for more than one day.

Caring for the Tooth Extraction Site

After tooth extraction or other dental surgery, it is normal to experience pain and bleeding. Your dentist will supply you with plenty of gauzes that will protect the wound site and soak up any bleeding that occurs. You should expect the change the gauze every few hours.

When you get home, get a lot of rest. It is important to prop your head on a pillow, as lying flat can increase the bleeding. Your dentist will likely prescribe you pain medication or recommend over-the-counter brands.

Furthermore, they often suggest using an ice pack to help decrease puffiness and swelling. Also, be sure to follow any cleaning instructions your dentist has given you to avoid infection.

Eating After a Tooth Extraction

For several days following your procedure, soft foods will be the best option. Food like pudding, jello, yogurt, ice cream, thin soup, and mashed potatoes are all excellent options. Basically, you will want to avoid eating foods that require chewing. This could put a strain on the sutures at the extraction site.

Additionally, it is best to avoid drinking with a straw. The suction could loosen your sutures and delay the clotting of the wound. In order to prevent excessive irritation, also avoid smoking while you are recovering from the surgery. If you have concerns about the healing process or other symptoms, contact your dentist!

Post-Op Care for Tooth Extractions
The Post-Op Care for Tooth Extractions at Gentle Dental will give you peace of mind.

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