Dental Implant Technology

Iluma Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner

One of the technologies that we utilize is the Iluma Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner. This imaging technology produces 3D images of the patient’s mouth. This allows a precision diagnosis. The surgeon is also able to tell whether it is necessary to perform a bone grafting or sinus lift to complete the total procedure. The 3D technology provides a level of accuracy that is not present with 2D technology.


Dental implants are overwhelmingly successful. They are safe, effective, and have few long term complications if any. However, we still feel that we should utilize every available technology to ensure its success. Osstell IDx is an incredible product that allows us to see when an implant is ready for loading. This reduces complications—including outright dental implant failures. Osstell products are safe, non-invasive, and painless. In fact, the Osstell method has been supported by over 900 scientific articles pertaining to dentistry.


Another 3D treatment technology that we implore is the Simplant system. This interactive system determines the position of each implant with 100% accuracy. For the patient, this means that the implant will be placed precisely where it needs to go, eliminating discomfort.