Houston TX Affordable Dental Implants

When it comes to Houston TX affordable dental implants, you want to make sure that you get the right dentist for the job. Gentle Dental Care is here to provide the best tooth replacement and treatment plan for you. Whether it’s the cost of a single tooth implant or the average cost of dental implants all over your mouth, we can help you. We offer a variety of dental implants options to improve your oral health with affordable payment plans.

As dental specialists in the Houston area, we know how significant your smile is to you. No matter how severe the condition is, we’ll assist you in correcting your teeth. For example, if you are suffering from bone loss, we’ll use bone grafting to give you back your natural teeth. We handle implant procedures to repair adjacent teeth and other dental problems.

Our office is available from Monday to Saturday for a variety of hours. We want to stay as convenient and accessible to our clients as possible. Whether you need multiple dental implant placements or a regular checkup, make sure you do it with the right dentists. Make sure you pick Gentle Dental Care and get your Houston TX affordable dental implants today.

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Houston TX Affordable Dental Implants

Houston TX Affordable Dental Implants Just for You

Gentle Dental Care focuses on providing our clients with the best oral hygiene across the greater Houston area. Our nurses, physicians, and surgeons are here to ensure that you get the most reliable care for your teeth. Our mission is to offer the best dental care to the people of Houston. From general services to periodontal maintenance, our staff does whatever you need of them to make you comfortable.

Not everyone is comfortable with their smile. This is primarily due to their teeth growing in incorrectly or damaging them at a young age. Our services bring you a smile that you can show off with confidence. When your self-esteem goes up, you tend to smile more, which makes you come off as friendly. This friendliness can open the door to opportunities. Between having a decent smile and a great one, it’s clear which one does more for you.

Make your first choice the right choice with Gentle Dental Care. When you schedule an appointment with us, you take the first step to a better set of shiners. We offer free checkups where we thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums for any disease or infections. Even if we don’t find anything wrong, there’s always a way to improve your teeth.

Services to Help You with Your Oral Hygiene

Our dental services are designed to maximize your teeth’s health and decrease the chance of infectious diseases from settling in your mouth. With a team of medical professionals, we offer several ways to give yourself a perfect smile. Whether you need dental implants, general services, or any other type of assistance, we’re here to help.

Dental Implants

When it comes to your smile, missing teeth can put a significant dent in your look. It can distract people from what you’re saying or doing, causing their focus to shift to the wrong thing. Our dental implants are the perfect solution to your missing teeth problem. We replace a few missing teeth without needing to interact with the surrounding ones.

We provide everything you need for the best results for your teeth

A dental implant is a simple process where we install prosthetic teeth designed to fit the gaps in your mouth. We use high-grade materials like titanium to ensure that the replacements can withstand chewing and grinding. No matter how many teeth are missing or in what order, we’ll produce the best implants for the best price.

Our dental implants process takes several months to develop and complete. The first step in the process involves determining if the existing teeth can handle the prosthetic teeth. If they can, then our dentist will plant the new teeth on the bone. During this part of the procedure, we make a small incision in the gums to give the prosthetic teeth an opening and suture it back up. Once the gums have healed, and the tooth has bonded with the bone, a crown may be placed.

General Dentistry

Aside from dental implants, dentists need to master the basics of oral hygiene. Our team is more than qualified to handle any of your standard procedures for the most common dental problems. Whether you need bridges or dentures, Gentle Dental Care is here to give you a healthy mouth. With our help, you can say goodbye to all of the infections and toothaches.

We make it easy to deal with the worst infections. For instance, we offer root canal services for patients with diseases building in their teeth. We numb the area surrounding the infection and drill a hole in the center of the infected tooth. From here, we remove the infection and seal the cavity with a special sealant. After that, if you choose to, we install a crown to make the healing process smoother.

With this process, we maximize comfort and reduce pain as much as possible. From our root canals, bridges, dentures, crowns, bonding, and other dental hygiene, we ensure that you get the best care in Houston.

Pediatric Dentistry

Much like any other part of the body, younger bodies are more vulnerable to infections and other diseases. To prevent your children from facing significant pain in their mouths, we offer excellent pediatric care as well. Children’s teeth are still malleable and coming into their own. This means that it is easier to change the form of their teeth to make them straighter.

Having your children’s teeth regularly checked can promote the notion of healthy teeth. The sooner your child develops the idea of healthy oral habits, the better their teeth will turn out in adulthood. We offer a variety of solutions to your child’s decaying teeth. We offer crowns, mouth guards, sealants, and other services that give your kids the best chance at healthy teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry in Houston Area

Give your family the best smile at the most affordable price

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