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Do you have access to the best emergency dentist near me 77379 has to offer? Chances are you don’t. When it comes to all-night service and emergency care, Gentle Dental really stands apart from the others. This is because we have a full staff ready to take calls all through the night. They have exceptional skills and can perform a wide range of treatments. We have broken down some of the most common incidents that land people in emergency dental care. This will help us elaborate on the procedures that we are going to be dealing with. If you need any further explanations or would like to get our information for future problems that may arise, just click here. We will be happy to provide you with whatever you might need.

Incidents That May Require An Emergency Dentist Near Me 77379

This is going to regard some of the most basic scenarios you could experience. A majority of people will interact with one of these two options on a daily basis. It is always a risk to do anything, but for these particular situations, you are putting yourself in high levels of risk. The results may not always be so great, and in some cases, you could get hurt. If this is the case, and you only sustained oral injuries, we can help. This will help give you scope on what sort of experiences might merit the need for an emergency dentist. Sometimes people may feel like their situation is not important enough and we want to dispel that thinking because all injuries deserve the same respect. From pediatrics to orthodontics, we’re here to help.

Tooth infections can be more than bothersome

Automobile Accidents That Involve Facial Damage

The result of crashing at high speeds can be life-threatening. Even normal speeds are dangerous. However, there are several examples where the wounds suffered are purely cosmetic. They have teeth missing or damaged and it is not a very promising visual. The issue is not with the vitality of the patient but with the hospital because they do not have a dentist present. At our location, we have dentists on call that work hard to make sure the end result is beautiful. Even if it is traumatic, we can make changes that could totally revert the damage done.

Sports-Related Injuries You Sustain

This regards some of the injuries people might sustain in a sport. Any sport that has lead to an accident could be included. Rugby, football, soccer, it doesn’t matter. There are dangers and potential oral injury risks in almost all sports possible. The problems could stretch miles. You might have been hiking and fell, or running hurdles when you tripped. Other cases, such as basketball or swimming are also present. You might have struck your face on the concrete of the city court where you play every night. It might be because you are at the pool and a dive could lead you to hit the bottom. The mistake of another player may have caused you to get hit with a ball. You may have fallen because of a struggle, tackle, or other problem.

Wisdom Teeth Are Growing In And Causing Pain

In some cases, the reason may be your wisdom teeth. Other teeth could also impact. One of the problems is when the surface of the genomes is broken. Dentists advise that you remove them because they can cause a tone of pain. If your wisdom teeth break the skin, we will be here to help!

Montgomery General Dentist Near Me

Let’s talk about lumineers and what they can do for you.

What Kind Of Treatments Can We Offer?

You may be relieved to find that we can help with all of the options we listed above. This is going to be a great way to explain how our services work. First, you will give us a call with the exact details. We will do a preliminary diagnosis to see the extent of how much we can help. Regardless, you can start making your way to our location. When you arrive, we will provide you with some or all of the options we have listed below.

This isn’t going to be the average services from a general dentist, you won’t be able to get a teeth whitening plan. In some cases, you might not need to have a root canal immediately either. Our goal is to give you the best possible care for serious problems. This option is going to be open for you at hours that are not convenient nor available from other dental clinics.

Tooth Repair & Removal

These will consist of your crowns, bridges, veneers, lumineers and other visual reconstruction procedures. Repairing your teeth could be a very effective option in the event that your car accident was very serious. These will be required for severe situations. However, you might need a tooth extracted in other situations. These will always be intense. The result of damaged teeth or teeth can lead to additional complications.

It is much better than we simply remove the tooth if the damage is too severe. All the necessary care will be provided to ensure that this is as painless as possible. It’s going to be a pretty intense situation, however. Whether it’s an auto-injury, a sports injury or an accident of any kind, this is likely to be the most common service you get. If your tooth has a chip or is cracked, we are going to be able to fix it for you.

Options For Oral Surgery 

We may have to perform surgical procedures if your sports injury or auto injury is more severe. Any other treatment you can receive will be considered but it may not do the trick. You may need to get stitches, it just depends on the severity of the injury. Whether it’s a cut that bleeds in the mouth, or something worse. There are dozens of reasons and dozens of treatments that may be available. We will offer our services in any case!

Get all of the dental care services that you might need from us!

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Make sure that you have the information to your Emergency Dentist Near Me 77379. Gentle Dental wants to keep you in the loop and ready to get the care that you might need. When you have an accident, it’s best that you don’t wait up. This is why we stay available at all hours of the night. It’s proven to be a lifesaver and we don’t want to take that option away from our patients and anyone else who may need the care. To get in contact with us, you can visit one of our many locations or give us a call from the numbers listed below. We hope to hear from you soon!


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