Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379

If you have a child, you need Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379. A dentist can ensure that infants, children, and teens have the best oral health throughout their entire youth. In fact, pediatric dental specialists can even give you tips for certain practices and habits that can help you take better care of your child’s oral health. Sometimes, certain oral habits are passed down for generations. While that may give your child your family’s signature smile, sometimes dental traits can cause health issues. For example, overcrowded teeth are more difficult to clean and are more prone to decay. Our pediatric dentists can make sure that you’re on the right track in regards to your young one’s oral health. In the end, a few simple tips can save you a lot of money on your child’s dental bills, or eliminate them completely.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379

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When Does My Kid Need a Dentist?

Your child can benefit from a pediatric dentist’s knowledge and experience from the moment they are born. For example, did you know that you should gently wipe off your child’s gums with a clean, soft cloth to prevent bacterial overgrowth? Babies can develop gum issues and tooth decay before they even learn to speak if no professional care for their oral health!

The best time to take care of your child’s teeth is before they appear. The best time to bring your child to the dentist is as soon as they erupt. Just by looking at your child’s teeth, we can sometimes identify parenting habits. If you allow your baby to fall asleep with a baby bottle in his or her mouth, the child could develop tooth decay. The sugars from milk, even breastmilk, wear down your infant’s small teeth and can rot them away. Remove the bottle from your baby’s mouth as soon as they start to fall asleep.

We perform dental cleanings on children. Routine cleanings are necessary for all age groups, but children especially need teeth cleanings. Kids are still learning how to properly care for their teeth, and need the help of a dental hygienist to fully remove plaque and misses food particles. Once the adult molars begin to come in, your child can get sealants. Our sealants are a practically indestructible defense against cavities. The clear coating keeps bacteria from burrowing into the crevices of the molar and decaying the teeth.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379

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What Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379 Do

In addition to performing dental cleanings, dental exams, and apply sealants, a pediatric specialist can perform any necessary pediatric dental service. We perform procedures as well as provide education for how to best properly care for your child’s teeth.

Help You Develop Good Habits

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your child is instilling in them the value of good oral hygiene. teach them to brush their teeth properly and floss regularly. Ideally, your child would brush after each meal. Children are notorious for enjoying sticky foods, and brushing after each meal will be sure to remove sugars and other ingredients that stick to the teeth and cause decay. At the very least, ask your child to drink water after each meal or treat to flush their mouth. Limit sugary drinks, that also add bacteria to the mouth and stick to the teeth. Supervise your child as they brush their teeth and gums twice per day. Also, teach them to properly floss without cutting their gums.

Try to teach your children to allow teeth to fall out on their own instead of pulling them out when they become loose. When a temporary tooth falls out, the permanent tooth is following soon behind. However, prematurely removing temporary teeth can cause dental misalignment. Teeth may grow in front of one another or grow in crooked. That’s because the larger adult tooth grew in before the rest of the mouth had space to accommodate it. As a result, the adult tooth can make the surrounding temporary tooth lose to make space, and the entire process is accelerated. However, because the teeth grew in before the jaw and mouth had grown to fit them, the teeth stack on top of each other. Let a loose tooth come out a surprise, not by force.

Perform Necessary Services

If your child does develop a cavity or tooth decay, our pediatric dental specialists are here to help. We can install crowns to protect the damaged tooth. Crowns were once only available in titanium, but now we have porcelain crowns that look strikingly similar to real teeth. If your child chips a tooth, we can bond it or file it down. We offer many different services at our Gentle Dental clinic, plenty of which we are able to perform on children as needed.

Custom Mouthguards

Is your child involved in sports? You may already have a mouthguard. However, if it wasn’t custom-designed for your child, you might hear complaints about it soon. Let our pediatric dentists mold a custom mouthguard for your child. As a result, they’ll experience less discomfort and breathe easier while playing their sport.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379

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Emergency Care

Adult teeth grow in while children are still mastering the art of poise, balance, and coordination. If your child has an accident and loses a tooth, call Gentle Dental Care. We always have someone on call at our location to assist you. If possible, we will reinsert the tooth. However, be sure to act quickly! Time is of the essence and can make a big difference. Try to keep the tooth in good condition, and only touch the crown (top) and not the root. We’ll give you specific instructions on what to do next. Even if the accident happens in the middle of the night, you can trust Gentle Dental Care to be there to help you.

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We provide a dental financing option for families who know that they need to take their child’s oral health seriously but need a flexible payment plan for dental services. Call us today at (281) 379-3636 or set an appointment. Our Pediatric Dental Specialists 77379 are experienced with working with children and making them feel safe and secure in the dentist’s chair.

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