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Are you looking for a Spring dentist open today? Our clinic can help you out with that. We have a great staff and wonderful dentists with years of experience. The Gentle Dental practice is one of the best in the Spring area. We can have your teeth looking bright and clean in no time. Whether it is a simple cleaning or a full surgery, we have the ability to perform these treatments. This is why we have become so popular, our versatility means that we are available to many customers. It allows us to work with our client’s long term because they know that we have all of the services they might need.

Dental Services

We will discuss the wide range of treatments offered here. We are able to offer nearly all services within the field of dentistry. This means that if you think you may need help with a dental problem, you can call us and we’ll figure it out together. We will more than likely have a solution for you or refer you to someone who does.

We have pediatric dentists!

General Dentistry

This refers to the basic levels of dentistry that are meant to maintain and prevent damage to your teeth. This refers to some of the average cleanings and minor surgeries that clients may frequently receive. It consists of root canals as well as crowns, bridges, and even dentures. This category of service will help most of the customers that walk through our door.


Usually, this package of treatments and study will be reserved for people with misaligned teeth. We have the ability to offer adults and children alike new braces and night guards. This will help rearrange your teeth to look straight and safely organized within your mouth. It is often something that teenagers will get after their baby teeth have fallen out and their new teeth have finally finished forming. We will also be able to help with TMD/TMJ therapy for those that have a temporomandibular joint disorder, which can help relieve a lot of their pain.

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Our services include dental treatment, wisdom teeth extraction,  cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, oral surgery, and many more!


If the orthodontist did not help, a periodontist might be able to. One of the treatments that they specialize in is an occlusal adjustment which means the shifting of the jaw and how you bite. This can help with your crowded teeth. However, the main services that a periodontist provides are preventive and broad-spectrum care for gum diseases that range from gingivitis to oral cancer. They are a very specialized group of dentists, and Gentle Dental can offer this to you!


This branch of dentistry has been growing in popularity as of late. New technological advancements are allowing our treatments to become ever more effective. Services like teeth whitening can be incredibly powerful remedies for customers who have visual insecurity. The way your teeth look, even just the shade of color they have, can cause people great discomfort. Being able to offer veneers and lumineers for people with cracked or unsightly teeth really helps their self-confidence. We believe that is a great aspect of dental care because self-esteem is incredibly important to people.


This refers to the category of dentistry that works primarily with children. They have all of the tools and equipment that are made or modified particularly for kids. This makes work with smaller mouths and baby teeth so much easier. We are able to do work and treat the issues directly without complications. It is a huge peace of mind for parents as well as the children. Don’t worry, we’ll take excellent care of your child!

The best dental care around!

We are the best Spring’s Dental Care office for tooth pain!

We Are A Family Owned And Operated Business

Our company has been in the dental industry for over 20 years. We have incredible services and pride ourselves in the customer service we offer. We truly care for our clients and even offer multilingual service as well. This will ensure that many families in the south Texas region will be able to get excellent dental work. Our practice has made huge strides in the services that we offer. Now that we can provide the emergency dental care you should truly consider the Gentle Dental Clinic. We can not only provide a huge array of services but we can do them at a moment’s notice. This is an incredibly helpful aspect as many times people who suffer dental problems may not have these problems within the open times of a dental clinic. Fortunately, we’ll be open to help take care of your needs right away.

Essentially our main goal is to dispell the nervous stigma of dental care. We are constantly treating our patients with pain-free non-invasive care and they end up leaving with bright white smiles. Ones that inspire confidence and empower our customers more than ever before. That’s just the power of good teeth and we want to provide this to everybody. Even if it is a more serious case, we can still provide the service to bring your teeth back to full health. Only a truly comprehensive dental clinic can offer this sort of well-rounded service.

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We are going to be the best option for a local Spring dentist open today. Gentle Dental has plenty of experience and all of the staff and equipment needed to provide almost any treatment you might need. With a priority of giving you the best smile possible, this is a wonderful option to consider. We will be able to offer you financing options and have close ties with insurance companies to help provide the best price for you.

At Gentle Dental, we believe that you deserve a chance to have a beautiful smile. It can truly empower you and give you the self-confidence that you may have never had. A lot of people hide their vibrant personalities behind a frown because they are too insecure to smile. Let us help you wash away that worry! With a quick treatment from our clinic, you can be smiling ear to ear, happy as can be, right then and there. For more information about our services or if you want to set up an appointment, give us a call now at (281) 379-3636 or simply come to our location at 16312 Stuebner Airline Road in Spring, Texas. Otherwise, feel free to visit our office for all your questions. We hope to see you soon!


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