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Are you currently searching for Spring general dentistry? This is one of the most popular services that Gentle Dental offers the Spring area. We are constantly helping customers to keep their teeth clean and maintained on a daily basis. The majority of our clients will experience at least one or more of the general services that we offer. These are just some of the routine yearly cleanings or treatments that are recommended by your dentist.

We can make this a quick and easy process, too. Our staff is very capable and incredibly friendly. They’ll be able to answer and direct you on any concerns regarding your teeth. This way, you are staying on track with your oral health. That is the main priority for Gentle Dental and we have been upholding this for 20 years! Just let us know if there is anything we can do for you, all you need to do is give us a call!

Spring General Dentistry Services

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We have an extensive list of services that will treat a wide range of ailments. The mouth contains several key components in your digestive and immune systems and must be maintained! There are a couple of home remedies that we recommend, but for any further aid, it’s best to seek help from a professional. At Gentle Dental, we can provide you with superb dental care that has had an excellent pedigree for keeping our client’s teeth clean and healthy. For this article, we’re focusing on just a few specific treatments that will fall under general dentistry. These are the remedial tasks that you will likely get during routine cleanings or moderate operations.

Dental Hygiene

The ideal cleaning will consist of a handful of services. They will mostly be designed to clear away any buildups of plaque or food that has been stuck in the teeth. This is very helpful because plaque is dangerous; it can cause caries, cavities and other dental diseases. We will make sure to scrub your teeth clean of plaque, and also polish them off, in order to remove any biofilm which could cause bad breath. These simple yet effective cleanings will help prevent any further gum disease, as they counteract the original sources of trouble, like plaque for instance.

Root Canals

Perhaps one of the most widely known treatments in dental care, the root canal has been a consistent option for patients with cavities or other sorts of tooth infections for years. With modern-day anesthetics, it is even pain-free. This operation will basically consist of three parts. After the numbing agent is applied, the dentist will first drill into your tooth. The intent is to get to the canal which is located in the very center of the tooth.

The root tissue of the tooth is located in this canal, and since that tissue has been infected or otherwise damaged, we are removing it; that’s why it is called a root canal. The next step is to fill that canal with a sealant called gutta-percha. Finally, the tooth is fitted with a crown to ensure that the treatment is successful.

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Your teeth are used as molds to create abutments. Then these abutments are used to create molds in the dental lab. They are then attached to the area of your missing tooth to give the illusion of real teeth. Usually, you will be given a temporary mold to use in the short term while we make a permanent bridge. This is done in order to protect your abutments until the final product is made and fit into place. When they are finished, they will be made of gold or other metal alloys to ensure durability.


In the event that you might have a damaged or decaying tooth, or you’ve just got a root canal, a crown will often be utilized. This is to maintain the appearance and function of your teeth and protect any operations that were just done. When your tooth has gone through decay and needs to be protected or modified for better use, a crown is made. This is done through a process that takes about 2-3 visits. First, the tooth has to undergo a buffering to file it smooth for fitting. Through a series of molds and tests to find the proper shape of the tooth, we can create a perfect replica.

This replica known as a crown is typically made of porcelain due to its realistic feel in the mouth. However, other metals such as gold can be used as well. Once the crown has been made, the dentist will place it on top of the tooth in question and secure it with dental cement. Afterward, you will find that you’re no longer burdened by the damaged tooth and can smile freely!

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