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Let Gentle Dental Care be your Spring,  TX Medicaid dentist. We know there are a lot of struggling families out there. On top of supporting them in their endeavors, their health is also a main priority. As an adult, life can be as hard as it is, as well. Because of the different situations, families and single individuals can go through; we accept Medicaid as a payment option. Along with Medicaid, we also take most private insurance companies and CHIP dental care plans. Therefore, you can rely on your various forms of payment when acquiring our dental care services.

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We offer care ranging from general dentistry to oral surgery. We’re a family practice that does everything in our power to restore the smile you once had again. When you have oral health issues, you can come to us to schedule your appointment for the various services we provide. After all, we take great care in what we do as we want to see you happy with the results we deliver. Your oral hygiene is crucial for social settings and the functionality of your mouth. If you don’t take care of your teeth, it can have negative results.

For instance, the first and foremost issue would be the ability to chew food. Chewing is essential to digest the different types of meals you consume correctly. As you know, sustenance is crucial for nourishment. Without teeth to properly break down food materials, you can deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. As human beings, we take a lot of our natural abilities for granted. However, the functionalities of our body are vital to surviving, especially the ability to eat. Gentle Dental Care understands this concept as professionals of dentistry. Hence, we provide dental services to maintain the state of your teeth.

Oral Hygiene Practices

A lot of us know that brushing your teeth twice a day is crucial for healthy, long-lasting teeth. However, there are those of us who only brush once or not at all, depending on how busy our day is. Some studies have shown that there is a small percentage who only use mouthwash in the morning and then begin their day. Though mouthwash eliminates bacteria, it doesn’t aid in scraping off plaque and other stains from your teeth. Brushing is essential to prevent issues such as plaque buildup. This buildup can turn into Gingivitis, which can harden to form tartar.

Though people believe tartar isn’t a huge issue, if you let it fester for long, it will turn into Periodontitis, which can destroy the surrounding tissue around your teeth. This condition is Periodontal Gum Disease that can be detrimental to your oral and physical health over time. It’s a painful process that can deter you from regular food consumption. Therefore, before it gets to this point, schedule regular dental hygiene visits. Your regularly scheduled visits are crucial for maintenance. Gentle Dental Care will make sure to clean plaque, polish teeth, and remove any bacteria contaminants causing bad breath.

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However, if your oral health ever did get to the point where you accrued gum disease, we’re able to provide you with periodontal treatment. We implement nonsurgical practices such as scaling and root planing, which cleans the root of the tooth to clear out tartar buildup and plaque. Also, we’ll give you antimicrobial treatments and antibiotics when your condition needs it. Gum graft surgery also repairs receding gums that are eroded by Gingivitis. Gingivitis causes the area on the gums to decay and erode, which can eventually lead to bone loss.

The Pediatric You Can Trust

Because we pride ourselves in being a family practice, we provide pediatric services as well. For example, sealants are an excellent way to protect your child against bacteria in their mouths. Children tend to eat a lot of sweets and other treats throughout the day. The constant consumption of sugar can lead to bacteria festering in their mouths. This bacteria also includes plaque and tartar buildup like previously mentioned. Sealants help shield your child’s teeth against these potential threats of oral hygiene. For example, molars can be placed on children between the ages of five to seven to ensure their tooth remains healthy.

Afterward, their second row of teeth will come in from eleven to fourteen, allowing them to experience a bright smile throughout their childhood. As a parent, you feel the need to protect your children against anything that might harm them. Threats to oral hygiene are no different. Without healthy teeth, it can be difficult for them to intake the nutrients they need, which can ultimately lead to another health issue. To stay on top of their overall health, practicing brushing and coming to regularly scheduled visits will go a long way. Gentle Dental Care is here for you and your child. We don’t falter when it comes to either of your smiles.

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Additionally, mouth guards can help protect their mouths with different types of contact sports. Children generally love to play and explore with various activities and aspects of life. After all, the world they see through their eyes is vastly different from an adult’s. Everything is exciting and new. The amount of information they absorb is astounding. Therefore, when they play activities such as wrestling, softball, soccer, and other sports, you want to ensure they are safe. Their mouths are part of the body you need to keep safe. In that respect, we offer mouth guards for their safety.

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If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact (281) 379-3636 for more information about our oral practices. We are also located at 16312 Stuebner Airline Road if you’d like to come by for a visit! We accept a variety of payment forms as well as people to our dental center. Why not invest your time into someone who can take care of your oral hygiene. Let us make your smile last for a lifetime. We will be your primary care provider for a Spring TX Medicaid dentist!

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  • The city is home to Collins Park.
  • Bonnie and Clyde visited in the 1930s according to rumors.
  • We’re home to Mercer Botanic Gardens.
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