January 14, 2020

Benefits of Crowns for Your Teeth

Daily life puts a strain on your teeth. Their frequent contact with food and beverage make them formidable. However, brushing and flossing cannot prevent them from all damage. Your teeth may weaken over time, which can pose serious issues later. If Gentle Dental Care notices a weak or cracked tooth, we will recommend a crown for your teeth.

The process of applying a crown only requires a few office visits. If your tooth is weak or cracked, a crown will help keep your smile looking as good as possible. Crowns go over the top of your tooth after it is filed down. This process is painless and comfortable.

Installing a Crown

man in green shirt smiling

Crowns can be made from porcelain, gold or metal.

As aforementioned, crowns are applied within two to three visits. The first visit will reshape the tooth under question. The dentist will file down the tooth so the crown can be placed over it. Patients are given a local anesthetic, so there is no pain or discomfort. From there, the dentist will take a mold of the tooth and neighboring teeth. This helps the crown fit properly.

The mold is sent to a lab for creation. Until the mold is done, your tooth will have a temporary crown placed on it. The creation of the crown takes about two to three weeks. Once it arrives in our office, the patient will get fit for the crown. A local anesthetic will be applied again to fit the mold properly. Your smile will be restored once the mold is complete.

Benefits of Crowns

Applying a crown is painless and relatively fast. The amount of time patients have to spend is worth the many benefits crowns provide. Firstly, crowns provide support for your tooth. If your tooth is decayed, cracked, or generally weak, then a crown would help restore it.

Secondly, a crown will maintain or improve the look of your smile. Crowns are typically made from porcelain, which allows them to look the same shade as your teeth. Finally, crowns help those who have had root canals. Root canals require drilling into the tooth. The tooth is severely weakened afterward, so crowns help patients restore integrity.

Needing a Crown?

If you need a crown, then get in touch with Gentle Dental Care today. Patients can reach us at (281) 379-3636. Clients should also visit the Spring location page to find out what other services we offer. Your smile will look better, and your tooth will be stronger after a crown application.