Children’s Dental Spring TX

Children’s Dental Spring TX

You deserve the best Children’s Dental Spring TX office you can find. Fortunately, you’ve found Gentle Dental Care. Our dentists provide amazing pediatric dental services for children of all ages. If it’s not yet time for your child to visit the dentist, it’s a great idea to be proactive. There are steps you can take outside of the dental office to promote good dental hygiene in your kids. However, as soon as they start to develop teeth, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Below, we’ll let you know more about both the at-home strategies as well as the service we offer at our dentistry. Hopefully, you’ll see why we’re the dental office you should bring your children to.

Why Choose Our Family Dentistry?

Before we get started with describing our children’s dental services, it’s important to note that we provide dental work for all age groups. We find this important to mention because you may need some dental procedure done for yourself one day. Furthermore, as your child grows older, you don’t want to have to search around for another dentist. You’ll have to make sure that the new dentist also accepts your dental insurance or at least has a decent financing option. Fingers crossed the new office is in a convenient location. The absence of any of these factors can dissuade you from seeking dental healthcare for your child. Unsurprisingly, many parents start to slack off in regards to their child’s oral health as they grow older. In many cases, this is because the children’s dentistry no longer serves them and they can’t a convenient alternative.

When you choose Gentle Dental Care as your dental healthcare provider, you eliminate the risk of that lapse in oral hygiene. Your child can keep coming to us for check-ups and cleanings until they grow old! From sealants to dentures, we’ve got every member of the family covered, no matter their age.

Children's Dental Spring TX

Children’s Dental Spring TX

Dental Care at Home

Unfortunately, a lot of dental issues arise long before your child is scheduled for their first dental visit. In fact, many oral health issues are caused by behavioral factors, such as diet and upbringing. With attention to a few important risk factors, you can prevent the development of oral issues. Otherwise, you may notice that your child’s teeth grow in at an angle, crowd their mouth, or decay prematurely. For detailed information regarding the best dental practices for your small children, you can call and speak to one of our dentists or look at the guidelines of the American Pediatric Association.

Take care of your baby’s gums

The gums are prone to infection from the moment of birth. The sugars present in formula and even breast milk can sit on the gums. This will wear down the tissues and cause decay and infection. Actually, this has become so common in infants that it’s known as “baby bottle rot.” To prevent this scary issue, remove the milk sourced from your baby’s mouth as soon as he or she stops swallowing or starts to fall asleep. Don’t allow milk to sit on the gums. If necessary, a little bit of water can flush the mouth clean. In between feeding, wipe the baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth very gently. This will prevent bacteria and sugar buildup and thus prevent the rot from setting in.

Children's Dental Spring TX

Spring TX Dental Care for All Ages

Watch out for thumb-sucking…

…as well as other behaviors that can tug on those little delicate teeth. Behaviors such as lip-pulling, tongue-pushing, and thumb-sucking all shift the teeth in one direction or the other. Even if the teeth haven’t begun to grow in, these behaviors modify the jawline and put pressure on the gums. If you don’t correct these bad habits early, you’ll see the signs when the teeth begin to grow in. Fortunately, we offer malocclusion adjustment services at Gentle Dental Care. If your child needs braces, we can provide them with three options to choose between.

Schedule an appointment to learn more!

Our dentists can teach you so much more about caring for your child’s oral health. Once teeth start coming in, schedule an appointment for your child at our dentistry. Our staff can show your kids the best brushing techniques, good dental hygiene habits, and much more useful information. You don’t have to handle all of your child’s oral healthcare needs on your own. Instead, visit our office so that we can assist you on this journey!

Children’s Dental Services

If you could take care of all of your child’s oral health needs at home, there’d be no need for a dentist! However, it always helps to have a helping hand. Our children’s dental services include teeth cleanings, sealants, and mouth guards. Furthermore, we can provide services such as crowns, in the event that your child develops a cavity. And as your young one gets older, he or she may need braces or wisdom teeth extraction. From a young age to teenage, Gentle Dental Care has oral healthcare services to keep your child’s oral hygiene in tip-top shape.

Children's Dental Spring TX

Pediatric Mouthguards Spring TX

Call Us For Children’s Dental Spring TX

Gentle Dental Care is here to change the way your family thinks about the dentist. Even if your child didn’t mind trips to the dentist before, they’ll actually start to enjoy them now. Our staff is exceptionally trained to work with young children. We make sure that they feel comfortable and understand what’s going on with their oral health. We settle their fears and address their concerns. As a result, everyone involved has a much more pleasant experience.

If you want stress free Children’s Dental Spring TX, give Gentle Dental Care a call. You can reach us at (281) 353-6300 to set an appointment at our Spring (FM 2920) location. However, you can also set an appointment for any of our 7 wonderful locations online. You’ll get the same great service, no matter which office you visit. So set an appointment today to get started!

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